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Reasons You Should Consider Buying a Used Cell Phone

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Are you sick off your old phone? Want to buy a new one? But your pocket is not allowing you to buy a brand new smartphone. Spread a smile on your face because without draining your budget you can get a used cell phone having all the same experiences of a new one. Buying a used smartphone is the wisest way to save your bucks, to upgrade your phone, and also to get specific features you might be looking for.

Most people sell their old phone because they are bored of them, in dire need of money or if their phone is a little bit faulty they don’t bother to repair it. Moreover sometimes refurbished phones (updated phones; battery or phone software) can also replenish your demand. If you have made your mind to buy a used cell phone, it’s really great progress.

Before grabbing a used phone keep in mind the following suggestions:


Price is the principal factor otherwise you have purchased a new one. Do some research and compare the prices of both new and used cell phones. There are many sites which show you selling rates of several products over time. So without denting in your budget you can get a reasonable cell phone.

Seller credibility:

Be wise while choosing the seller, as it is crucial whether you are purchasing online or from a store. You must verify the repute of the seller. If you are dealing with online read comments from the previous customers it will definitely help you judge the credibility of the seller. The same goes for the store, get reviews about the seller’s online business. Check their history if in the past they have been selling ovens, washing machines and this is their first cell phone for selling this can be a risk. Verify each and every feature of the cell phone they are offering otherwise you are going to lose a lot.

Probing your phone carefully:

Most of the buyers make the mistake that they do not properly inspect their phones. You must inspect the phone carefully, check, SIM, SD card if they are supporting, their battery lifeline, storage, camera, screen touch, video, audio recorder, and other functions. Don’t waste your experimenting time and make the right choice of your own. Through diagnostic mode you can also check about the working of cell phone hardware. If cell phone repair service is required, discard it immediately.

Phone must not be a stolen one

If your seller is offering you a very low price so there’s no need to be happy as it can be stolen cell phone which can be later blacklisted once the owner reports it. You should keep your IMEI private after receiving it and your phonies safe as long you have return policy protection.

Return policy

Even if you are purchasing a used cell phone you still have a duration of about 14 days to a whole month to satisfy yourself. Check the phone properly, its functions, and working if it doesn’t make you satisfied you can return it with full confidence. Suppose a seller gave you the time of about 24-48 hours than the seller is not trustworthy and has low credentials.

The outer look of the cell phone:

While scrolling for your desired item, you come in contact with a damaged phone or the screen has been cracked awfully but the seller offers you a low price so you don’t get trapped. Even after the cell phone gets repaired you might have to face many aesthetic problems in your cell phone so move on and look for a new one.

Handling with the unlocked phones:

If you have purchased a phone other than your carrier, then try to look for the compatible one. Multi-brand unlocked smartphones are the best option in this regard. Moreover if you are thinking to change carriers then Global System for Mobile network (GSM) and code division multiple access (CDMA) like AT&T, T-Mobile Verizon, and sprint provide you best cell phone coverage.

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Phone accessories:

Look carefully for your charger, headphones, and if the box of your phone is in good condition. Also verify if the box of your phone is the original one.

Factory reset:

Make sure all the previous data of the previous owner has been wiped off. And also Look for Factory reset protection.

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