September 18, 2021

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Rape Do Schools Really Need To Avoid This Topic?

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Rape, a curse of society that is with time just evolving and taking the ugliest face possible. This injustice or harassment does not confine itself to a certain age or to a certain gender even. Assignment Help Services do really emphasize the need to teach children of every age including teenagers, youngsters, and even adults (university going) as well.

Though, this cruel act takes place on average at par around the world. However, apart from the reported cases the amount of un-reported and denied rape cases do really need to be considerable. Rape is defined to be as the act of sexual intercourse that takes place without the consent of the individual. The one, whose permission is not included in this shameful act is termed as the victim and it could be anyone, be it a female or a male even.

Dirty-minded heads consider this act of weird sexual enactment as their pride and confirm it as an appealing opportunity rather than their own irresponsibility. Rape can be concluded in many forms and one form of it which does not gains popularity as the normal one is Marital Rape.

Spouses and even law jurisdictions in some regions do not actually affirm to be marital rape a rape even. As they declare the right one partner of it as the forceful obligation for sexual intercourse. Likewise, this rootles in the minds of criminals provokes through many neglected and serious elements.

One and the most vital source of an individual that initiates his/her mind towards this act arouses from his/her sexual needs. These needs though, are innate and cannot be ignored however they can be settled on through several psychological settings with a psychologist.

Apart from this, the liberal and bold content that is being broadcasted on the internet and even on Television screens is a potential and direct root cause of this curse of Rape. The easiness and leniency of such content providers to the underage viewers are making this shameful act an infamous one.

Though this act of Rape is totally undeniable however if that is not enough. The criminals and event heir supports even confront his act of Rape as an opportunity by the victim himself/herself.

Along with these stigmas, the real question which takes birth is how anyone can stop this curse to further prevail in society. The real answer is No one can. Until and unless the criminals themselves find this cruelty as their fault only and not the victim’s dress or appearance as a chance to perform this heinous act.

Thereby, schools and other educational institutions must find it their utmost duty to convey the necessary and specific information about Rape to students as well. Thus, they must know that where they are even receiving a red flag and when it time to step up and speak out.

Knowledge about good touch and bad touch is an imperative yet effective way to teach students about this curse that prevailed in society.


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