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September 23, 2021

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Protein Shaker Bottle: For The Serious One

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When you are seriously into something, you start to see the world from it’s point of view. Maybe a protein shaker bottle is trending or a matter of fashion for you but only a serious gym enthusiast sees it an essential for his training. Whenever you are after achieving something big, attitude comes first that reflects in the small things like your selection and seeing the things in non conventional ways. That is a sign of change which is slowly taking place. A shaker bottle doesn’t make you fit but fits in your serious attitude that wants nothing but a positive change. 

Here in this article you will know everything about what a protein shaker is, how to use it, how to choose the right one and many more?

What is a protein shaker ?

Whey protein shaker or shaker is nothing but a bottle that you can use to measure the supplement intake for one time and mix it with milk, water, or juice. 

Yes you can have a glass and one spoon to stir it with you but think, isn’t it cumbersome? And it also leaves lumps in your drink that are hard to swallow up. And you can destroy the glass mistakenly by yourself anytime. 

Glass doesn’t have the right scale to measure your prescribed amount of supplement that is necessary to avoid the side effects of overdosage. 

Whey protein shaker comes handy that you can carry anywhere with you and consume the right amount of whey or other supplements. 

How To use The Whey protein shaker:

To avoid the misuse of the shaker, you need to know the right way to use it. Follow these steps to learn the right way to use the workout essential no matter whether you are beginner or professional. 

  • Whey or other protein supplements dissolve better with milk but you can use juice or water instead of it. So first you have to pour the liquid of your choice into the shaker as it is necessary to add liquid in the supplement to avoid the lumps. Follow the instructions given on whey protein or other supplements. Find out the right amount you need to use. 
  • Use the given scoop rather than other random measures to add powder. Now follow the right amount of whey given in instructions. The amount of whey depends on the degree of your training session in the gym. If you are doing a light session of training, one scoop of whey protein is sufficient for you. If you are pushing your limits and doing intense training, you need to have more than 2 scoops of whey protein. Or Follow the expert advice or recommendation before directly jumping to the amounts. 
  • Instead of making it bland, make this blend more interesting by adding fruits, nuts, chocolates, or ice. Now it is a shaking time. 
  • Put the lid back and check if it is tight and well placed. Shake it for at least 30 seconds to see the excellent results. The shaker will break the lumps in the bottle to give you thick, uniform, and creamy whey protein shake

The Best Protein Shaker 

There are many shaker companies out there in the market. Most of them look the same. We buy any of them without concerning which one is made of best quality material. Here are some other parameters that you need to keep in mind before purchasing the shaker. 

  • The quality of material is very important because it can cause germs and many other side effects if the quality of the product is compromised.
  • It should get cleaned easily. Uncleaned shaker can cause many problems that you can’t afford if you are serious about your health or preparing for a contest. 

Workout essentials like shakers reflect your passion and seriousness toward fitness. And incorporating these in your discipline can make your dream easily achievable.

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