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October 17, 2021

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Protecting your Air Conditioners from Pests

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A common problem in the cooler months is finding ants, rodents, or other vermin in the air conditioning unit. They infest homes in search of all three: warmth, food, and a place to call home. Pests are known to destroy the air units which can cost the homeowners a lot of money. Thus, it is imperative to understand which pests are likely to cause damage and how one can avoid it. Melbourne homes are susceptible to this damage, hence pest control Melbourne services must be hired to get away from these annoying pests as soon as possible.

HVAC systems are regularly destroyed by rodents like mice, rat, opossum, raccoons, and squirrels. Smaller rodents can squeeze through very small spaces, while larger ones can chew through almost anything. In many cases, they will build their nests in the walls or attic of your home, and then travel throughout it via the ductwork.


Among all pests, rodents are the first to destroy insulation and electrical wiring that can be both costly and deadly. To make nests, rodents such as rats and mice prefer to gnaw on insulation. Additionally, they are known for chewing on wires, that results in electrical fires.

It doesn’t matter if the damage to your home is minimal because rodents carry diseases that are dangerous to both people and pets. Rodent faeces, urine, and dander can contaminate the air and aggravate respiratory problems in humans and animals. Even worse, if a rodent dies in your air ducts, a foul odour will linger for weeks. Avail rodent control in Melbourne at the earliest and get rid of them from your property for good.


Electrocuted ants emit an alarm pheromone when they come into contact with the contactor. Ants are attracted to the alarm pheromone, which encourages them to congregate and clog the device, causing it to short out.

If your AC goes out, you’ll have to buy a new one. Pest control Melbourne services can solve the issue in different ways considering your HVAC setup.


Wasps build their hives in unprotected or damaged vents and ductwork because it defends them from the elements. Unluckily for you, eliminating wasp problems after they’ve relocated is difficult.

Spring is a popular time for wasps to build nests because of the flowers blooming. If a colony of wasps has taken up residence in your air conditioner, they may be able to infiltrate your residence. People with allergies should avoid being around wasps in the fall when they are most active and searching for a place to hibernate.

If you don’t have the proper training, removing wasp nests can lead to serious injury. When it comes to removing wasps from your home, always consult with a wasp removal Melbourneprofessional.

Signs You’ve Been Visited by Others

The longer you wait to deal with a pest infestation, the greater the chance of costly HVAC damage. If you notice any of these problems, call a local HVAC company.

  • Foul smells
  • Skittering, squeaking, or grinding noises
  • Increase in allergy symptoms
  • A sudden drop in heating or cooling performance
  • Droppings near the outdoor unit

How to keep pests out of your air conditioning system

While working on pest prevention, the best offence is a strong defence. Take these precautions to keep your air conditioning system free of unwanted visitors and avoid costly repairs.

Contact a Pest Control Expert Right Away!

Spraying pesticides into your vents or ducts to get rid of bugs is a bad idea. By doing this, the chemicals will contaminate the air and cause harm to both people and pets. You should set traps or hire a pest control Melbourne company to get away of bugs and animals from your HVAC system if you care about your well-being. Non-toxic pesticides can be used by a pest control company to eradicate the problem permanently.

Fill in Any Holes in the Ductwork

Animals that get into your duct system can cause significant damage if they get past the seals on the connections.

Ventilation Should Be Covered

You can think of vents as a major thoroughfare that connects your house to the outside world. It’s possible to prevent pests from joining your family by installing pest-proof vent covers and screens.

Keep Your Outside Storage Unit Clean and Orderly

Inviting insects to your outdoor storage attracts them. Mowing and weeding your lawn regularly will help you avoid becoming infested. If you see ants scurrying around inside the unit looking for food, make sure to clean it. After a rain, be sure to clean up any excess moisture or puddles around the air conditioner.

Plan for Regular HVAC Upkeep

Regular AC maintenance is one of the best and productive ways to keep pests at bay.Despite your best efforts, animals will still cause damage to your equipment from time to time. Doing HVAC maintenance regularly ensures that any possible entry points are sealed, components are debris free, and any issues that arise are solved immediately.

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