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Printed Marketing Materials For Property Management Companies

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Printed Marketing Materials For Property

Real estate is among the booming industries today. People buy and sell property regardless of the season. To any property manager, it means you need a unique approach to stand out. This means understanding appropriate printed material to market your business. Some of the qualities of effective marketing material include increasing community visibility and customized items that leave an impression.

Here’re printed marketing materials for property management companies.


One of the best ways to make a stellar impression is to offer potential customers professionally printed catalogs. These have ample space for floor plans, pictures, and appropriate information about all units. A catalog effectively presents your property inventory in the best way possible. You need to find a professional printing company online to get sophisticated and well-designed catalogs. This will mean getting catalogs on quality paper with appropriate printing for easy reading.


It is a great idea to hand out flyers to potential customers who come to do a physical inspection of your properties. The flyers offer additional important information that potential customers should know. Additionally, the flyers can highlight more prospective properties to give the customers alternatives just in case they don’t find what they’re looking for in that property. The flyers should include eye-catching photos, details about square footage, amenities, price, company contact information and name.


Flyers include important information about properties in your inventory in brief but brochures include more detailed information. You just have to check an online printing services directory to find a reliable partner for quality brochures. The ideal brochures for property managers include quality pictures, quality copy, and facts. Brochures come in various options including trifold and bifold brochures with ample space for an in-depth description. The brochures should also include easy-to-understand content to let readers get interested in your properties.

Maps and floor plans

You should also consider offering your potential customers maps and floor plans of your properties. Potential customers will keep the plans and maps for comparison with other properties. Quality printing will keep your customers excited and interested in your properties compared to your competitors. The trick is to order printed maps and floor plans on glossy paper in full color for easy reading. Potential customers will keep your properties in their minds and remain interested to close the deal.

Door hangers

A great idea to boost your brand visibility within your target demographics is using door hangers. These allow adding your company name, basic information about the property, contact information, including an image or two. You can distribute the door hangers in the neighborhood whose residents might be interested in your properties. This allows marketing to your ideal demographics after understanding marketing trends.

Yard signs

Another essential printed marketing material is a yard sign. This increases property visibility to potential customers and to let people who are hunting for properties know that the property is available. A yard sign is highly versatile and you can add details like your business name and number, price, available days for viewing, and whether the property is for rent or sale.


Another highly versatile marketing solution for property managers is to use banners. You can place a banner inside your office or mounted on a chain-link fence. Banners can be made in various sizes to include content and pictures to give potential customers important details. Placing your banners in strategic locations will significantly boost your brand visibility in the market. The banners can include locations, name, website, and a catchy slogan.

Business cards

This should have come on top of your list for being an evergreen tool to market your property management service. Professionally designed business cards increase brand visibility and give an impression of professionalism.

Fortunately, you can give out business cards while meeting potential customers, in a conference, at your office reception area, or other social gatherings. Business cards are super cheap to print to give potential customers details on how to contact you.

Banded items

Regardless of the size of your business, branded items offer a good return on investment. There are various items that business owners can personalize to boost their brand visibility. These include:

  • Caps
  • T-shirts
  • Water bottles
  • Mugs
  • Bags
  • Pens
  • Notepads

Having your team dressed in branded t-shirts and caps gives an impression of professionalism. Additionally, you should also have everyone in your office use branded mugs and water bottles. While in the field with customers, branded items such as company vehicles, pens, notepads, and umbrellas give a stellar impression. And, you should give out some branded items to customers including pens to keep your brand in their minds.

Wrapping up

The boom in the real estate industry is making the market tough for real estate managers. Staying in business requires an effective marketing strategy. Fortunately, various printed materials will effectively boost your brand reputation and win you more customers.

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