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The Power of The Voice of Knowledge

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When educators are asked why exactly knowledge is powerful, they come up with varying responses. Yet all the answers have a similar strain of thought running through them. The purpose of education is not solely accumulating knowledge but polishing of intellectual skills like critical thinking. Acquiring knowledge along the way is merely a part of it. Because in order to think critically, there must be adequate matter to focus your thoughts upon.

Knowledge does provide us food for thought and analysis, however it does much more than that. It helps make the learning process less complicated. Not only is knowledge cumulative, but it also has the capability to grow exponentially. The minds which are built upon a rich foundation of knowledge find learning easier. The phrase “rich gets richer” is more than accurate when it comes to acquiring knowledge.

Factual knowledge also enhances cognitive skills like reasoning and problem-solving. The more expansive your knowledge base, the more effective and smooth these processes will become. And they are exactly the parts of a student’s intellect which teachers want to hone. The more knowledge one acquires the smarter one tend to be.

Knowledge attracts more knowledge

The more a person knows, the easier it will be for them to open their mind to new things. Learning is basically a seamless procedure, but to help study and comprehend it better, researchers divide it into three stages. And studies revealed that knowledge is the driving force behind every stage. First when you are absorbing new information either through reading or listening. Second, when you think about the information your brain is processing. And lastly when the collected data is stored in your memory.

Knowledge helps with acquiring new information

There are more things involved in understanding written or oral language than just knowing the syntax and vocabulary. It demands background knowledge of the information in question. Language is made up of semantic breaks which knowledge is needed to fill. Therefore, understanding it demands the use of accurate inferences.

In a conversation a listener can collect missing knowledge and check on their inferences by making inquiries. For instance: “Do you mean Martha Smith or Martha Jones?”. But the same case is not possible while acquiring information through a book. Or if a student is too shy for asking the important questions needed to clarify the missing knowledge.

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Knowledge helps in thinking about new information

Thinking is the second step when an accumulation of information is concerned. According to scientists, this process happens in the working memory. Think of it as a stage for your unbridled thoughts. It is only possible to maintain a limited quantity of information in working memory. We will use a small experiment to explain this part. Following is a list of letters. Read through them once, then look away and see how many you recall.

  • NFB
  • CN
  • ANC
  • AA
  • ICB
  • SCI

From the sixteen letters comprised in this list, most people will be able to recall seven at most. There is not enough space in working memory to hold more than that. Now do the same thing with the next list.

  • FBI
  • CNN
  • CIA
  • CBS
  • NCAA

Did you find them easier to recall this time? If you examine closely, both lists contain identical letters. But the second one has the letters rearranged in recognizable units. This technique is referred to as chunking. It serves to expand the amount of information that your working memory is built to fit.

What is notable here, is that method would be useless without knowledge. The chunks of letters will not be easy to recognize and remember if the person does not have background knowledge. They must be aware what CNN or FBI refer to in order to help the brain latch on to them. As the letters began to have meaning and pattern, our memory finds it easier to accommodate them.

Knowledge helps remember information

It is more convenient to make new information stay in your memory when you already have the knowledge to associate. Various researches done in this area used subjects who possessed either some or a lot of knowledge on a particular topic. They were asked to read new content related to the topic and then give a test later on. The results showed that those who already had more knowledge did better in the assessment.

Having an elaborate network of association created through knowledge makes our memory stronger. Memorizing information that is brand new is comparatively difficult without any existing relevance to tie it down. Some researchers even suggest that background knowledge is so important that it can even replace aptitude. Others disagree with that part. But it remains true that having knowledge in your mind makes it easy to remember related concepts and facts.


In the context of education or everyday lives, knowledge holds an indomitable power. It enhances thinking which is at the core of all our actions. It guides the brain into making a better decisions and solves problems efficiently. Human minds are fueled by knowledge which helps them expand and grow into examples of brilliance. Like every genius and master from Galileo to Einstein to Botticelli.

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