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People Also Ask About Erectile Dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual male disorder. But still, it is not common knowledge among males. A study in European Union countries revealed that only 18 percent of males are aware of the nature of the problem and its causes.

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual condition, in which males are not able to get a hard erection for penetrating sex. This hard erection has to be hard enough to get into the vagina for sex. The males with erectile dysfunction cannot sustain the erection either. The basic reason at body level is the lack of sufficient blood flow into the penis. Any physical, emotional, or mental issue that reduces blood flow causes erectile dysfunction.

Frequent question people ask about erectile dysfunction

Can erectile dysfunction happen to me?

It can happen at late age after the 60s and in the 70s. However, there are certain conditions that can hasten erectile dysfunction in even a young male. These conditions are diabetes, blood pressure, obesity, cardiovascular issue, low interest in sex, low libido, and any health issue which reduces blood flow towards the sexual organ.

Erectile dysfunction can be prevented

A healthy diet, active life, avoiding sedentary life, and making love frequently prevents erectile dysfunction in younger males. The intimacy with the female partner, a healthy diet and a relaxed mind automatically encourages sexual life. Drugs like cialis 20 mg are for temporary relief from erection issues, for a permanent cure a healthy lifestyle is necessary.

Smoking and drinking can hasten erectile dysfunction

It is medically proven that a male with a heavy smoking and drinking issue gets erectile dysfunction early in life. Both these issues damage blood vessels, which reduce blood flow. Smoking also creates plaque in blood vessels preventing necessary flow towards the sexual organ.

I do not want to use a medicine, let me have some other treatment option?

A healthy diet and fruits that make blood flow smooth improve the erection process. spinach , green vegetables , nuts , flaxseed , berries , tomato , watermelon, pomegranate, peanuts , citrus fruit, etc should be part of your diet . And do some exercises to take blood and oxygen to every cell in the body.

What is the quick way to overcome erectile dysfunction?

There is only one quick way and that is using a  200 mg sildenafil citrate dose. The dose pushes blood flow in your penis and helps you get an erection within 60 minutes. The impact is visible in 30 minutes.

Are ED drugs the safe option to treat erectile dysfunction?

Yes, till now a million males have used one or other brands of erectile dysfunction drugs. And they are satisfied with the results. There are some basic side effects, which are normal when the blood circulation increases in the body. The results and side effects are known. All ED drugs including generic versions like vardenafil 20mg are tested and certified by the FDA for use in the USA.

How do I know which is my ideal dose Of ED drug?

Get your erectile dysfunction checked by a doctor. Let him suggest a dose. Observe the results and your satisfaction level. Increase or decrease the dose quantity in consultation with the doctor. Any dose which gives you a hard enough erection without creating serious side effects will be your ideal dose.

But I do not want medicines, what is my option?

A healthy diet, fruits, nuts, anything which is good for the heart will be excellent for your sexual health. Cut your drinking and smoking, and avoid fatty and heavy meals. Invest in intimacy with your partner. However, if you are suffering from emotional and psychological issues contact a psychologist.

Best place to buy ED drugs

The best place is an online platform that is approved by FDA and has medical clearance to sell ED drugs. They have a medical team to assess you through a questionnaire before prescribing a tablet. Reputed online site sells only FDA approved branded and generic drugs for erectile issues. You can also use water-soluble tablets like Cenforce 100mg in fruit flavors of your choice.

What should I do to delay erectile issues till very old age?

Maintain a healthy lifestyle based on a healthy diet, a less sedentary lifestyle, incorporate exercise or some yoga that remain part of your lifestyle for the rest of your life. And invest some time in intimacy with your partner.

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