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September 26, 2021

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Ombori On The Post-COVID Retail Customer Experience

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It’s no secret that the pandemic has dramatically changed the way consumers shop. One of the changes that has been hastened by the pandemic is omnichannel shopping. This catch-word refers to shopping using more than one channel. Examples include being able to shop via your smartphone and pick up your merchandise at the physical store or via curbside pickup. However, that’s just the beginning of how the blending of online and offline shopping methods can benefit the consumer AND the retailer.

Ways retailers can use omnichannel shopping to boost the retail customer experience

  1. Mobile apps. An app is within the budget of most retailers and can be used for a myriad of functions. It can be used to support the store’s customer loyalty program, to interact with in-store displays, and to communicate with loyal customers information about events, specials and new products.
  2. In-store interactive displays. Another way retailers can combine online and offline shopping experiences is via an interactive display like the Store Assistant offered by Ombori. Using these displays, customers can scan a QR code to be able to “talk” to the display. Some such displays, like this one in Stockholm, can even be accessed from outside the store and allow customers to place orders without having to enter the store. At the H&M store in New York City, Ombori’s “selfie mirror” invites customers to take a picture with it…further enhancing the retail customer experience.

About Ombori

Ombori is an innovative technology company that provides a platform for ready-to-use, customizable, modular solutions for interactive in-store screens and mobile devices. In addition to being the creative force behind innovative retail displays and in-store technology, the Swedish company offers a range of queue management and customer flow management systems. Ombori works with retail partners around the globe.

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