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Mimosa Flowers: The Perfect Flowers For International Women’s Day

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Every year on March 8, people around the world celebrate the women in their lives on International Women’s Day. Using the day to contribute to organizations that help women throughout the year and encouraging them to follow their dreams, many people also follow the tradition of giving International Women’s Day flowers on this day. This day aims to celebrate the contribution of every woman to the society and also raise awareness among the areas that need to improve to reach gender equality. While sharing thoughtful messages and quotes is another trend followed around the world, if you are planning to send flowers to the women in your life, Mimosa flowers are the ones that perfectly complement this day. Here is all you need to know about these bright blooms that say a lot and are the perfect flowers for Women’s  Day.

Meaning Of Mimosa Flowers

A genus of around 400 different shrubs and herbs, the name mimosa is derived from the Greek where “mimos”, means “actor” and the suffix means “resembling”. The leaves are said to mimic conscious life and hence the name. The mimosa plant is a beautiful tree that has bright yellow flowers that bloom in winters. The flower is also known as e silver wattle or blue wattle.

Symbolism Of Mimosas Flowers

A commonly used yellow flower in symbolic poetry, the mimosa flowers represents the sun. However the flower can also be used to symbolise the nature of secret love hence indicating nobody knows that I love you! The flowers also symbolise increased sensitivity or safety and hence the perfect blooms to give to the beautiful women in your life.

Cultural Significance Of Mimosa Flowers

Used in traditional Chinese medicines, the bark and leaves of this plant is used to create a helpful tonic that cleanses the pathways of the body particularly the heart and the liver. The flowers are believed to provide a spiritual boost and also known as the ‘Collective Happiness Bark’. Used in homeopathic medicines used to treat cough, pain and other inflammatory conditions, this flower has proved to be a blessing in disguise from the past many years.

The Perfect Occasion To Give Mimosa Flower

Perfect for every occasion, mimosa flowers are the most commonly used flowers of symbolism. The flower shines and naturally represents the sun. The image of triumphant life, these flowers are often used to celebrate happier occasions in life and for symbolic events like  Women’s Day. Owing to their sunny nature and ability to add beauty, these flowers are the perfect thing to give to the bright and powerful women who have been like rays of sunshine in your life.

So, though you can give other flowers like roses and sunflowers, mimosas are one of the best choices for celebrating International Women’s Day. Well, now know what you ought to give to adorable women in your life to express unconditional love and concern.

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