September 18, 2021

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MilesWeb Windows Hosting Review: Best for Your ASP.NET Website in 2021

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While searching for web hosting services in the market, you will find several options for selecting from the web hosting solutions and you will need to make several decisions. 

Finding a quality hosting provider and selecting the right web host for your website is very important. With each type of hosting, you will get a variety of different options and features from which you will need to decide between. 

The decision for web hosting solution depends on the type of operating system that you want to run on your server. Different applications and software that you can run and your server can support will be run by your operating system. 

From the different types of operating systems, Linux is the most popular choice of server OS. But there are some expert website owners that will use the unique functions of a Windows server for their sites to function properly. In case you are experienced with Windows OS, this post is for you.

In this post, you will learn everything about Windows hosting and review the best Windows shared hosting provider of India.

What Is Windows Hosting?

You might be well-known to the Microsoft operating system Windows. Many of you might already be using it on your computer right now. There have been multiple releases of the traditional Windows OS similarly there are different types of the hosting developed for particular reasons.

Windows hosting is one of them. Windows server hosting was built for running particular server environments, namely Windows Server. The attraction for Windows as a server operating system is increasing, and for some website owners, it has become the suitable option.

No doubt Linux is popular and widely used, but the popularity of only Microsoft Windows is helping Windows hosting for becoming popular. 

Windows web hosting means that the server on which your website is hosted is running Windows as an operating system instead of Linux. Windows hosting is also popularly known as ASP.NET hosting. 

Both Linux and Windows will have maximum common hardware features. You will find the different in storage, disk space, bandwidth, domain management features, and more, based on your web hosting plan. The operating system you select makes a big difference.

It’s not that you would select Windows hosting services only because you’re running Windows on your PC. These two are completely different concepts. You can host your site with Windows hosting though you’re running Linux on your home computer!

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb aims to complete the gap left by other web hosts, by offering latest technology on their servers to deliver enhanced performance. Launched in 2012, the company has many hosting solutions to offer such as shared, reseller, managed WordPress hosting, dedicated, VPS and cloud hosting. They have experts on board that are technically skilled and are available 24/7 to help in resolving the queries via live chat or email. With their 30 day money back policy, you can take atrial of their services and claim for the refund within first 30 days of service purchase if you don’t find their services suitable. With their Tier-3 and Tier-4 datacenters you get 99.95% uptime so that your website always remains available for your visitors.

Windows Shared Hosting Plans


Free Domain Registration: You get a free domain even with their W-Tyro plan and two free domains with their W-Swift and W-Turbo plans. You don’t need to pay separately for registering a domain at MilesWeb if you buy their Windows hosting plan. 

Website Migration for Free: They will migrate your website to their servers at your preferred time and with zero cost. All your website data, files and folders are migrated to their server by ensuring there is no data loss and no downtime. 

SSD Drive: May you are a blogger or an entrepreneur, you want your website to run speedily and so, they have SSD drives included on the server. SSDs with the help of flash technology help in delivering blazing fast speed to your website.

Plesk Control Panel: This is a significant feature in Windows hosting so that you can easily manage your hosting. It enables you to easily manage your website, domain, databases and emails.

1-Click Installer: You get plenty of applications to install on your website from which you can select. These applications can be installed with the 1-click installer. 

Secure Email: Emails are accessible directly with the help of any web browser on Mac, Windows or other mobile devices. With their webmail, you get the support for POP3/IMAP/SMTP protocols for sending as well as receiving emails.

Programming and Database: You get different programming languages with their plans such as ASP/ASP.NET 3.5 and 4.6, PHP, SSICurl, MVC, AJAX, GD Library, MySQL and MS SQL 2012 Express.

Instant Account Setup: Account setup is done in just a few minutes once your payment gets confirmed. No longer waiting for hours for setting up your business online. 

If you have any doubts related to Windows hosting, you can check their YouTube channel:

The Verdict

With MilesWeb, you get many useful features for free. But, the most important thing about them is that they offer the best performance. You get the highest speed and performance with the hardware and technology from leading players such as HP, Dell, Supermicro, etc. Moreover, you get faster response to your queries from their technical team. Thus, their Windows shared hosting plans are still the best in 2021 for your ASP.NET websites.

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