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Mastering Mileage Management: 5 Best Mileage Tracking App For Your Business

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Mastering Mileage Management

Knowing what is best for your brand is a must if you want to have happy employees, satisfied customers, and if you want your profits to rise continuously. If you have a fleet, then you need to master the mileage management. Here, we are going to list some of the best mileage tracking app systems for your business. Keep on reading to find out why these solutions are widely accepted and why they are chosen by thousands of customers.

1.      Everlance

Everlance offers a user-friendly interface and versatile features, facilitating easy management of trips and expenses for both self-employed individuals and businesses. The best mileage tracking app system stands out with features such as automatic classification of frequent routes based on work hours and commutes, diverse options for expense tracking, and immediate accessibility to trip details for managers. It assures IRS-compliant logs, helping in efficient tax calculations and deductions.

However, it limits automatic trip tracking to 30 per month in its free version, and some users reported glitches in its automatic tracking feature. The app is particularly beneficial for rideshare drivers, business travelers, and growing business managers, proving to be a reliable tool, especially during the tax season. Before settling, prospective users should explore the latest reviews and test the free version to ensure it meets their requirements.

2.      Assure Expenses

Assure Expenses is an expense management software targeting both enterprise and small businesses, with a primary function to streamline the process of submitting, authorizing, reimbursing, and auditing business expenses. Leveraging online platforms and its next-generation mobile app, the software allows employees to scan receipts and log mileage with GPS precision, directly from their smartphones, whether in-office or remote.

The tool promises considerable savings, with the potential to reduce expense spend by up to 20% while enhancing compliance and lowering process costs. It further ensures maximum VAT reclamation through precise and compliant claims. Unique to Assure is its integrated driver and vehicle checks, assisting businesses in adhering to travel duty of care obligations, thereby providing a comprehensive solution for managing business expenses with a remarkable 5.0 user rating.

3.      QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online integrates basic mileage tracking into its comprehensive accounting platform. Leveraging GPS, it automatically logs trips, allowing for easy categorization as business or personal with a simple swipe system. While primarily an accounting tool, it suits businesses without a specific system for accounting and mileage management, offering a straightforward solution to handle both needs in one place.

4.      Timeero

Timeero is a comprehensive tool that handles a range of tasks including GPS time and mileage tracking, suited for brands and teams of all sizes. It replaces paper and spreadsheet tracking, averting time theft and ensuring compliance with various labor laws through precise time-tracking features. The GPS location functionality allows for real-time tracking of team members, providing a detailed path with time stamps for each individual, enhancing transparency and accountability.

A significant feature of this tool is its mileage tracking, which assists in monitoring and reimbursing employee mileage without the need for additional apps. Furthermore, it encompasses scheduling features, notifying employees of new schedules via mobile apps, and consolidating all job-related details in a single location, thereby phasing out paper schedules effectively. The brand promises round-the-clock customer support, ready to address queries at any time. Especially geared towards small businesses in the construction industry, Timeero offers a solution to streamline several aspects of business management, centralizing tasks into one accessible platform. It is suggested to test the customer support to experience their service firsthand.

5.      ExpensePoint

ExpensePoint is a cloud-based expense management software accessible via web browsers and iOS/Android mobile devices, primarily catering to small and mid-sized businesses, including non-profits. The system which is considered to be one of the best mileage tracking app systems streamlines the process of creating, submitting, and approving expense reports from anywhere globally.

Key features include receipt reading and imaging, credit card uploading, and policy enforcement, making expense categorization and approval routing straightforward and efficient. It enables the integration of corporate credit cards directly into the platform and allows approvers to easily review, approve, or decline individual expense items with a click. It stands as a user-friendly solution that facilitates quick response and automation in expense reporting, offering a free entry-level option to prospective users.

These tools can be helpful for your brand, no matter if you have a small fleet and you are just starting out, or if you already have dozens of vehicles that you need to track. Take your time, explore the free versions of the systems, and know that after choosing the best mileage tracking app for your brand, your general success and ease of work will drastically increase.

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