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Maintain Your Car During Coronavirus

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Maintain your Car

Maintain Your Car

You need to keep yourself safe amidst the COVID-19 pandemic by maintaining the social distancing as well as wash your hands often with sanitizer or soap and water. You don’t only have to keep yourself safe but also have to sanitize your surroundings too. Likewise, you have to keep your car safe and sanitize during this pandemic for ensuring the health and safety of everyone around you. Then the most important question that comes in the mind of people is – is it safe to take your favorite car to the car wash during coronavirus? It definitely is at the GoKleen car wash. Here are the few changes that we made to our car washing at home:

Modified Full Car Wash Service

GoKleen offers you the full service of car wash where the customer has the option to stay in their vehicle itself. The result of this car wash will be the same for your car exterior as it will continue to shine. Even while making the payment you don’t have to give the cash as we accept the online payment so that you can make touch-free payment.

Disinfecting Fog Machines

We also have the disinfecting fog machines which can be used for disinfecting your car and removing the germs and viruses. Our car experts re-sanitize the common touchpoints of the car like keys, door hands, and steering wheels.


For the safety of GoKleen’s employees and customers, we make sure that our car experts are wearing gloves and mask while cleaning the car. The employees at the GoKleen make sure to go for a health check at regular intervals during this pandemic so that it can be confirmed our employees are not ill.

Constant Sanitation

From store interior to payment desk, from employees to gas pumps we at GoKleen make sure to routinely sanitize everything in our store every two or three hours in a day. You can be sure that from the point you enter our store along with your car to the time you are out of our store we will keep you safe by following all the necessary sanitization processes.

If you are looking for stay at home tips for washing your car then you can follow the below-mentioned tips. You can even go for the residential car wash service offered by GoKleen so that your car can get washed while staying in the house itself.

Use Good Quality Soap

You need to use good quality soap for washing your car if you don’t want the car paint to damage the car paint. Using hand wash soap and dishwashers can damage the protective wax and paint of your car.

Use Microfiber towel only

You need to use the soft and good quality microfiber towel for drying your vehicle. Don’t use the beach and bath towel as it will create scratch on your car paint.
 Use Clean Water
You have to clean water for removing the stain from your car as dirty water can make it dirtier. Don’t use the method of the air-dry method for drying the car as it can leave water spots on the car.


If you have excellent quality spray-on wax then only you should use it to give the finishing touch to your car. If you don’t have then don’t use it.

GoKleen residential car wash and professional car wash service all have been enhanced during this COVID-19. We have modified our car wash services so that we can not only keep your vehicle clean but also can keep it safe along with you and our employees.

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