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Logo Design Color Combinations For Pro Designer

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Best Logo Design Color

There is a specific color scheme that every brand should use. Color palettes are much more than just black and white. In logo color combinations, brands express who they are. Based on its first experience, color connects viewers to particular passions and emotions.

The color palette is the first thing people notice when they see or hear your business name. By observing your logo, your customers can infer your identity and what you do.

Our civilization has developed many nonverbal communication methods, including color, which plays an essential role in logos. When you visit shopping malls and different brands or stores, you see logos competing for your attention.

For red lights, we stop and move on to the green color. Depending on the color pattern of plants and animals, we determine whether specific plants and animals are alright to eat. Our everyday lives are enriched by colors.

Some of the best logos contain only one color. You don’t always need more than one color or a few shades of the same color. You may prefer to convey your brand story visually with a more varied color palette.

The important aspect of a professional logo design color combination as a designer is comprehending the meaning behind the colors. Let’s check out some eye-catchy color combination examples.

Let people feel happy and passionate (YELLOW & ORANGE)

Yellow symbolizes:

  • Curiosity
  • Happiness
  • Joy
  • Playful
  • Positivity

Orange symbolizes:

  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Fun
  • Lighthearted
  • High-Spirited

Yellow is a lively color. Its resemblance to the sun evokes a feeling of positivism and lucidity. Yellow is also a vibrant color; it has a golden hue. Yellow is also easy to notice in a crowded area.

A yellow sun excites the image of the nearest star. But different brands use yellow in different ways. With a custom orange and yellow logo, show off your brand’s personality.

A mixture of orange and yellow can represent either colors attributes. Orange has a more lively, playful quality than yellow. In logos, it may be used to create playfulness or to elicit emotions and even stimulate appetites.

The Masterpieces logo’s at its Best: Black and White:

Although black and white are technically not colors – black is the absence of color while white is the whole color spectrum. Therefore, black and white – like other neutral colors – work well as logos.

The use of black with white creates a delicate balance of light and dark. In addition to using black, Nike and Puma choose black and white for their simplicity, just as newspapers and other publications use black and white to keep things simple.

Gray and silvery backgrounds are common in logos. Mercedes-Benz and Honda use silver as a part of their logos, and these color combinations are from custom black and white.

Scientists and the general public are equally fascinated by color psychology. Anyone can use these fundamentals to make an effective logo.

Strengthen your logo for success (RED & BLUE)

Red symbolizes:

  • Danger
  • Energy
  • Excitement
  • Love
  • Strength

Blue symbolizes:

  • Authority
  • Confidence
  • Loyalty
  • Power
  • Success

The color red raises a person’s pulse rate when they look at it. This warm, exciting color is also sexy and potent. It symbolizes blood and romance, as well as stop signs and classic roses.

The power of red stands out well in the entertainment industry, including on Nintendo’s logo, which is a simple rectangle with bold lettering. Netflix also employs the power of red in its logo, which is a simple rectangle.

Red makes people feel more compelled to buy, especially when in the last hours of a sale, which is why K-Mart and Target also use it.

Coca-Cola’s logo and advertising capitalize on red’s welcoming allure. The drink is associated with positivity and affection owing to its logo and advertising.

A combination of excitement and confidence, red and blue complement each other with love and a vibe of loyalty.

In logo design, blue is probably the most popular color as it could be seen extensively in government, medical, and Fortune 500 company logos. Blue can inspire feelings of authority, success, security, and stability. Most people have at least one shade of blue they like.

The color blue conveys strong, dependable, and tranquil feelings. Just look at an endless blue sky on a clear day and you will fully realize how calming it is. Indeed, blue conveys strength, dependability, and tranquility.

The blue logo is trustworthy, so technology companies, like Dell, IBM, Intel, and AT&T, make products that people believe they can trust over and over again. Appliance companies, like GE and Ford, also make products with it.

Essentially, blue is the go-to color for any company that wants to show professionalism, reliability, and hardiness.

Make fantasies come true with harmony (Purple and Green)

Purple symbolizes:

  • Ceremony
  • Expensive
  • Fantasy
  • Justice
  • Mystery

Green symbolizes:

  • Crisp
  • Fresh
  • Harmony
  • Money
  • Nature

A brand that harnesses purple’s regal, “anything is possible” vibe to draw in customers who are looking for an experience that is out of the ordinary, can use the color as a visual cue to create a buzz among their target audience.

Purple’s warmth and coolness are combined in their red and blue components. That is why it is used in a lot of luxury or educational logos.

It’s no surprise that brands use purple, such as Australian hair. These brands use the color carefully paired with a bold sans serif font that fits their content.

Additionally, Aussie hair products also use purple; styling hair is an expressive endeavor that always involves discovery. With purple comes wisdom, and greeting cards offer wisdom, and serving as a mentor to children suggests someone with wisdom who’s willing to jump into new ventures. Hallmark and Big Brothers Big Sisters both use purple.

While Earth is a blue planet, there’s still plenty of green here too. Green brings a sense of calm and relaxation as well as representing growth.

You can often see the color green used by companies attempting to portray themselves as environmentally conscious. It can also represent jealousy and inexperience.

Many labels utilize green to represent the environment. Brands like John Deere, Animal Planet, and Girl Scouts all use this color. These brands aren’t the only ones to utilize green, as Whole Foods uses this color to symbolize health.

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