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Living with Herpes Blog – The Survival Guide

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Herpes is a common and permanent virus.

Diagnosis with herpes and hearing about it in the doctor’s office is not easy. It is also hard to tell your family or partner about herpes. But it is also essential to tell your partner about herpes as it is a widespread virus through skin-to-skin contact.

However, your life does not end as it is not a life-threatening disease. You can live a prolonged, happy life without having any stress. It is common in most people; some don’t even have symptoms or diagnoses for many years.

So you must take care of a few things for living with herpes.

Herpes is a common and permanent virus.

Once exposed to the herpes virus, it is permanent in your body. It is an STD or sexually transmitted disease that has two types.

Herpes Simplex 1 is called oral herpes, and Herpes Simplex 2 is known as genital herpes. According to studies, more than eighty percent of patients, especially adults, have oral herpes and only six percent have genital herpes.

Currently, there is no permanent cure for the herpes virus, which will persist in your body for a lifetime. Living with herpes people is no easier than living with HIV people (Click to see >>> how to find HIV chat room WhatsApp)

Oral herpes produces cold sores and blisters around the mouth area. In contrast, genital herpes causes blisters on the genitals, pain, fever, and itchiness. After having antiviral treatment, herpes symptoms will be hidden, but certain factors depending on your immune system, can activate them.

Herpes treatment

Herpes is a viral infection that responds quickly to antiviral medication. If you start treating the herpes symptoms right after diagnosing it, it will show quick results. The outbreak is similar to regular cold sores, but healthcare providers understand it and recommend getting some tests done. However, as soon as you are diagnosed with herpes, start taking anti-inflammatory medicines like aspirin. It will lower the virus’s impact on the body. In addition, apply ice to blisters if you have pain in it.

If you diagnose it at an early stage, then sometimes a pill will stop the viral infection. But if outbreaks are severe, then contact your doctors and follow the prescription strictly.

Life will not stop

Again, remember that herpes is not dangerous, and your life will not end at that moment. With safe practices, you can live your regular life. Also read this herpes dating guide to claim your romance stories again.

Now here are some tips that you need to follow.

  • Don’t share items like towels, toothbrushes, or others with your partner.
  • When you have outbreaks, ensure to stay away from each other and stop infecting the other.
  • Always prefer communication with your doctor and follow the prescriptions to control the outbreaks.
  • Don’t feel pariah when you are diagnosed with herpes-positive signs. It is a common virus that many people in society carry.
  • Protect yourself and your partner by using protection.

If you are pregnant and know about herpes, share it with your doctor. You may have a miscarriage or lead to early delivery. In case of genital herpes, prefer C-section to protect your child. You can check positive singles for more information. MyPositiveSingles can be visited at Check Now!

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