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October 16, 2021

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Kareo EHR Features that Can Help your Behavioral Health Practice

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About Kareo

If you know a little bit about EHR software, there is a high chance that you must have heard about Kareo EHR. Kareo is a cloud-based EHR software that was developed 16 years ago. Kareo EHR is famous for offering very specific features for different medical practices especially behavioral health practices.

Kareo is considered as one of the best EMR for behavioral health as users are always praising its outstanding features for this particular practice. Let’s look at the top 5 features it offers that can help behavioral health practices majorly.

Kareo Behavioral health Specific EHR features

Medication History

One EHR feature that is essential for Behavioral health practices is Medication history. With Kareo Medication history features, doctors can access their patients 24 months medical history.

With the help of this feature, doctors can easily tell if there was any case of substance abuse. Which medication suits their patient or not can also easily be understood by doctors. This way the diagnosis and treatment become very easy. Treatment plans are more accurate and likely to work out.

Checks for medication errors and alerts in the workflow allow for greater patient safety and improved clinical outcomes. Less time is spent on figuring out the patient’s case hence the overall productivity at work improves.


Telehealth has become so important in almost every other practice but is essential for Behavioral Health practices. Telehealth services allow you to treat your patients remotely most often through a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing tool.

This feature came in handy during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It allows for your practice to visit with patients in a way that helps to slow the spread of illnesses by use of sick patient’s isolation.

With the help of the Kareo telehealth feature, you can boost your practice efficiency and patient satisfaction by seamlessly integrating video visits into existing practice workflows. You can also see your patients over HIPAA-compliant video with a full reimbursement.


Kareo is very known for lots of its features but one feature that is one of the biggest reasons why users are so obsessed with this software is its template library. It offers over 150 templates for different specialties which means a lot of physicians get to use it and employ this software in their medical practice.

Kareo software reviews often talk about how convenient it is to have so many templates that you can choose from and how customized templates make things so much easier in medical practice. This feature helps in improving productivity at the workplace.

Doctors love this particular feature as it makes their whole experience better. Kareo makes sure that you waste no time and keep the whole system fast and efficient. The features it offers to make sure that the whole practice runs smoothly.


Kareo is incredibly popular for its integration feature. For behavioral health practices, this feature is quite important as it lets your EHR integrated seamlessly with any other software or machinery.

Kareo billing software and Kareo practice management software can both be easily integrated into the software which means that it can increase the productivity of your practice several times over by easily integrating billing and practice management software into itself.

Behavioral health practices require diningchairsuk that can easily integrate with other software and machinery so all the scans and tests that are needed to get done are performed with ease.

Built for mobile

One feature that is pretty important for Behavioral health practices is having a mobile app. The reason why Behavioral health EMR needs to have a mobile app is that therapists can easily communicate with their patients outside of work.

With Kareo mobile app, you can improve your productivity with touch and go simplicity. Kareo has an application for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch, It allows you to look at your appointments, write notes or access old ones, and do whatever even outside of work.

If you want to check these features out, you can book a Kareo EMR demo on Software Finder.

Final Thoughts

Kareo is a brilliant all in one EHR software that is always found on the top 5 list of best EHR Software out there. Kareo is known to be one of the best EMR for behavioral health because of its several amazing features. If you are searching for good EMR software for behavioral health practices, make sure to check Kareo EMR out.

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