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JoinPD : PearDeck JoinPD Code : JoinPd .Com

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joinpd code

What Is The Meaning Of JoinPD PearDeck?

JoinPD is a program that lets you connect to a lecture that is currently in progress using your code. JoinPD is a part of PearDeck. This can allow students and instructors to engage in online courses.

PearDeck Presentation Tool

The PearDeck is a highly interactive presentation tool that encourages students to take part in personal and social learning. Teachers can create presentations using the software for presentations they use on Google Drive. Google Drive accounts. Pear Deck is designed to aid students in developing positive mental attitudes by fostering a sense of community.


JoinPd Is Popular In United States
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PearDecks are what they sound like. With JoinPD teachers can make a presentation using Google Drive and then share it on the JoinPD platform.

How To Join JoinPD Live Presentation?

JoinPD lets you join a live presentation currently in progress with the Code. Which allows students as well as teachers to participate in online classes. If a teacher creates the presentation and uploads it to JoinPD the person who is the delegate will be provided with an access code that the teacher gives to all members of the group, to help solve questions.
However, the teacher can restrict and regulate the actions of students.

Teacher Restrictions For JoinPD

• On the other hand, the teacher is able to restrict and regulate what students can do.
• One of the most notable features in JoinPD that teachers appreciate is the ability to block pupils from editing or altering submitted answers to keep track of the progress of everyone who participates.

JoinPD Code

Teachers should prepare an online presentation by logging in to their Pear Deck Learning account, and then sending the JoinPD code to everyone in the class or to individuals to sign up at their own location.

The teacher has to create an online presentation after logging in to their JoinPD account. They must then forward an email with the peardeck code to any student or anyone else who wishes to sign-up at their place of work.

It’s as easy as that. In order to be able to participate in the presenter’s session, students need to create the user name and password.

How To Make An Account With PearDeck ( )

The process of creating an account with a Pear Deck is simple. I’ve explained in this article how to sign up to Pear Deck and make yourself a brand-new user.

  • The first step in engaging your students with Interactive displays requires you to set up an entirely new Pear Deck account.
  • For the first step with Pear Deck, visit the site, Google Slides or PowerPoint Online.
  • Pear Deck’s site or Google Slides for presentations, PowerPoint Online, and log in with an account with the Google Account and/or Microsoft Office 365 account you want to use.
  • Go to and click on the link to sign for a teacher login.
  • Select the type of account you’d like to sign up for.

Then, you’ll need to authorize your PearDeck account to the account you’ve created in Google Drive or OneDrive. After that, you’ll be asked to be asked some questions regarding the configuration of your account. We do not collect any information from students’ selectors.

Connect using Authorize. Pear Deck as well as the cloud storage for the cloud storage of your Google Drive or OneDrive. You will be required to sign in with your email address and password. Additionally, you will be asked to grant PearDeck access rights.

Enter your postcode and school. If you don’t have an US postcode or your school isn’t listed on the drop-down menus, it’s acceptable! You can enter any number 5 instead of the school’s address or postcode.
Install the most recent version Google Slides (if it was were using your Google account) or PowerPoint online presentation.

JoinPD com – JoinPD Account Options

If you want to create a JoinPD account There are two options to choose from. You have two choices to making the peardeck joinpd account that is the student account and teachers account. Teachers can design presentations, create representative codes and distribute them to students interested. Students can also log in to monitor the progress of students and track what students respond to their questions. This also includes the ability to prevent pupils from editing their presentation.

What Exactly Is Joinpd And How Does It Function?

Teachers can design an presentation, and then upload that presentation to JoinPD. The participant will receive access to the presentation. The teacher will distribute to the other participants so that they can help them with their questions.

However, the teacher is able to limit and regulate the actions of each student. Teachers are thrilled by JoinPD’s most unique feature, which is the ability to stop students from editing or changing their submitted answers. This lets them monitor the progress of each participant.

The most well-known and widely used feature that is also the most popular feature of JoinPD that teachers enjoy is the capability to stop students from editing or changing the answers they’ve submitted so that they can track the progress of all those who are taking part.

How Do I Get Peardeck Sign-Up Code? Joinpd.Com Code

Follow these steps to join an ongoing session using Peardeck or join. You’ll need your username and password for this.

  • Open your browser and go to: go to
  • Enter into the Joinpd your presentation’s code ” 5 Digit Code” from your session.
  • It expires in 4 days. You can also set up an email address that allows you to join the presentation once your students have clicked the link to the presentation.
  • Sign up for Peardeck Class Login code
  • Learn details about joinpd com join code for the pear deck by clicking on the appropriate link below. If you’d like to log to Joinpd.Com to obtain an Join Code there’s an easy method of doing this.
  • It is the JoinPD Extension for Google Account is easy in connecting Google Slides.Please adhere to the steps to download and install JoinPD extensions to Google Slides.

How Do You Become A Member Of PearDeck Students And Teachers?

Visit the official website of JoinPD. For this, you can go by clicking on
The login page will open ahead of you. You will be required to enter your username and password.
Log in using your password or email address, then click the Submit button. A login window will show on your dashboard to sign in to your account.

Participate In Your Peardeck In The Class JoinPd.Com

If you select an instructor-led class the view of the projector will open and join directions will be automatically shown.

  • It is the first thing to do. visit
  • Enter the five-character PearDeck Code during your session at

Alternately you can forward links to the class and get them by clicking on Giving students the Link (see the first step above). Students need to click the link to sign up to join your course. It is also possible to click.

PearDeck Code Valid Time ?

Membership codes are valid for a week, but that link for the class remains present. If you want to permit students to participate in sessions that run for more than one week. Follow this link to sign up for them.
You can log in anonymously with an avatar that you’ve selected or your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account email and password. It’s based on your setting for the login.

If you choose an activity that is student-paced and you are able to access the Premium version of this software, Dashboard view is accessible.

Click the Join button the upper right-hand area of your display. This will give you instructions for joining at any time.
Students’ speed activities Dashboard join code is an arrow red.

Register for JoinPD Login

  • Below, we’ll show how to set up your own JoinPD login. JoinPD login
  • Go to for more information on JoinPD official site at “”
  • Select “Teacher Login”, located at the top of the web site navigation.
  • Select the option you want to sign into. You have two options: login with Google either Microsoft.
  • You must allow “JoinPD”, or “PearDeck” access the access of your “Google Drive” account.
  • JoinPD will ask you a few questions  Answer them as best as you can. PearDeck is confident that they will not keep your information.
  • The policy on data storage can be found here. data privacy policy on this page to satisfy your desire to know more.

The procedure of creating the JoinPD accounts is completed. To set up a teacher account, choose “Teacher” or “Student” to create an “Account”.

For connecting the two apps, click “Connect”. JoinPD and PearDeck as teacher you must click “Authorize”. Log in using the details of your Google account.

What Is The Best Way To Display A PearDeck? ( Joinpd.Com )

If you render using Pear Deck, the steps for joining appear on the screen of the projector in a flash. To join the project participants must take the following steps:

  • Visit
  • Sign in using your Office 365 account
  • Enter the five-letter code displayed in the projection.

Create a Pear Deck in Google Classroom

• Start with your PearDeck lesson.
• Open Dashboard view.
• In the dashboard, press the blue icon at the top right-hand corner of the screen.
• From the class roster select to invite your class.
• Choose your Google Classroom section you want to invite to.
• Students join the class, and their names are highlighted.

Pear Deck Learning Product To Support Schools And Classrooms

  1. Pear Assessment
  2. Pear Deck
  3. Pear Practice
  4. Pear Deck Tutor

How Much Does Pear Deck Cost?

Pear Deck Teacher Premium At $149/Year

Features Of Pear Deck Free Package

  1. Creation Of Lessons
  2. Google and Microsoft integration
  3. Student Locks and Timers
  4. Templates To Use
  5. Access To Flashcard Factory

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