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September 23, 2021

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Important Elements of an Engaging Web Design on Your Computer

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A website serves as an online identity of a business. Therefore, it should be top-notch as it will reflect the standards of its services. A business that has a website with a subpar design wouldn’t leave a pleasant impact on the visitor so they’ll be happy to move to the next option.

In simple words, a business having a poorly designed website will only miss out on leads even if it offers premium quality products and/or services. The need of the hour, in this competitive era, is to create a website that has an engaging design, which could appeal to everyone. This is something all web designers New York will agree upon.

Take a look at some of the important elements of engaging web design:

The Right Balance

A simple design can convey your brand’s message in a more effective way than a website that is filled with colors, fancy buttons and images. However, this doesn’t mean you should go for a plain vanilla design. Find the right balance between a website that is too fancy and too plain. A website having an absolutely plain design won’t attract users and grab their attention. Similarly, a website with a super fancy and jazzy design wouldn’t captivate their interest as well. As a matter of fact, it may put them off. Therefore, finding a balance holds crucial importance.

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With most of the internet users preferring mobile devices to surf the internet instead of laptops and PCs, there’s no reason why your website’s design is not responsive. You are missing out on a huge number of leads in such a scenario.

The right thing to do, as early as possible, is to contact a reputed web design agency and have a responsive website created for your business. This way, it will be browsed effortlessly on a smartphone, tablet and other handheld devices as well.

Easy to Navigate

A website shouldn’t confuse users. It should be easy to navigate having a smooth flow. Users should easily be able to navigate the whole website and browse through its content. A clever trick you can apply here is to apply the sales funnel concept. It relates to optimizing the flow of a website. This will help your website visitors to reach the place/page where you want them to be at. Simply put, it will navigate them to a point where you can push them to make a purchase.


Video Content

Video content has become an important part of a website’s design in current times. It should be engaging, have the ability to grab the interest of viewers, and be of high-quality. Most importantly, it should provide them with valuable information.

Many websites have autoplay feature enabled for videos. Do not make this mistake as there are high chances that the user is not going to continue it. The title and thumbnail of the video should be captivating enough to grab their interest and make them play the video. However, if the video is out of the box or very innovative, you can experiment with the autoplay button.


This is an important element of every website’s design. The right set of colors can elevate the overall appearance and vice versa. Therefore, make the color selection wisely. Although it is the responsibility of the website design, you should also give your valuable inputs in this matter. The best approach here is to select colors that you have used in your business’s logo. It will create a sense of uniformity and give your website a professional look.

Pay Importance to Contact Us Page

Many web designers tend to pay the least attention to it as it doesn’t contain too much content. However, it deserves as much attention as any other page of your website. Since this is the place where your prospective customers will come to find ways to contact you, it should be comprehensive and provide them with every way to get in touch with you in an effective and convenient manner.

From having a “contact us’’ form to your business’s phone number, email address and complete address, this page should have everything. Having said that, avoid filler content on this page as it can drive the user away.

To sum it up, paying attention to the design of your website is extremely important. And for this, it is imperative that you hire the best web design services available. If a website has an engaging and appealing design, it will make the work of local SEO experts you have hired easy and they will produce better results.

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