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Ideal ‘when’ to Get Professional Carpet Cleaning in Melbourne

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Such a beautiful home! That’s what your guests think when they see a well decorated home with just the right wall paint and rugs and carpets that go absolutely perfectly with the color of wall paint and furniture. Although they might not say it under particular circumstances. The circumstances being the ugly and dirty carpet that hasn’t been cleaned in a long time and is riddled with fur shed by pets, stains of food and drink spills, dirt, dust, garbage, hair and countless other pollutants. So what do you need to do? No, you don’t have to keep cleaning the carpet every week. Not professionally at least. You should regularly clean your carpet with a vacuum cleaner. In addition, you should also regularly dust the other furniture in the room and keep the room clean. All of this will help you keep the carpet’s surface relatively clean. Now this kind of home- cleaning on your own can be good enough for some time but not forever as you may have guessed. So what should you do for that? It is very simple really. All you need to do is get professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne. We advise you to get the professional services regularly within the period of 6 months or 12 months. If your carpet faces heavy foot traffic then you must not wait for more than 6 months and if the foot traffic is not heavy then you may be fine with professional carpet cleaning every 12 months.


So in this blog, we will talk about the ideal time and occasions when you should get the professional carpet cleaning services.


  1. 6 to 12 Months:

As we briefly mentioned above, you are advised to get professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne every 6 to 12 months. And if you are a commercial entity with very heavy foot traffic then you might want to go for the period of 3 months. Regular and periodic professional cleaning is not enough, do not forget. Always do the regular vacuum cleaning in between the professional cleaning sessions.


  1. Patient At Your Home:

When you have someone sick or injured at home, you need to be extra cautious of the environment and the cleanliness of your home. From the garbage on the floor to the dust in the air, everything needs to be kept cleaned properly. When we are sick, our immune system is compromised and our immunity becomes very low which makes us susceptible to infections and diseases that can be contracted easily from the polluted air and environment. Hence when you have a patient at home, you should get your carpet professionally cleaned so that your patient can have a safe and healthy environment.


  1. Party:

Planning to have a party? Now just imagine all the cups and wrappers and garbage that people are going to be throwing just anywhere and everywhere and worst of all, the drink spills and if you are serving red wine then it’s going to be a very difficult scene after the party is over. Now add all this to your carpet. What’s more, add this to your carpet that is already very dirty! Now two things need to be considered here. One, your carpet will get way too dirty after the party, if it’s already dirty! And second, what will your guests think about you when they see the dirty carpet! Right, so you should definitely get professional carpet cleaning in Melbourne if you are planning to throw a party.


  1. Pets:

Your cat and dog are sensitive to dust and dirt around them whether you know it or not. And they can also be the cause of the same lack of cleanliness. When you are getting a new pet or have a pet for the first time, you should make sure that your carpet is squeaky clean so that they don’t get any allergies. Also your pets will shed their fur so you will need to get regular professional carpet cleaning.


  1. Children

If you have children at your home then you should get professional cleaning as frequently as possible. Kids have fragile immune systems and they get sick really quick. Having clean carpets for your kids is just as important as getting your house baby-proofed when you have a new born or toddler at home.


  1. Festivals

Whenever festivals are coming up, you are sure to be hosting many guests who will be taking a close look at your interior which also includes your carpet. Festivals also mean increased foot traffic. And last but not least festivals are the break that you need from your routine. And a break should be taken in a pleasant environment, right? A dirty and stained carpet does not exactly fit into the definition of pleasant environment so you’d want a clean, deodorised carpet for sure. Do you need more reasons? Right! So you should be getting professional carpet cleaning whenever festivals are coming up.


  1. Occasion

Apart from the above mentioned reasons, there can be many other occasions such as birthday parties, wedding, reception party, graduation party, engagement party and many more. For all those occasions you would definitely want a squeaky clean carpet.


  1. Get together of any kind

If you have any get together without any occasions, you will still want your guests to see a clean carpet that brightens up the space. Whether you have friends coming over or colleagues or family members or relatives, they are all going to be seeing your carpet and take home an impression of you. So a carpet that is professionally cleaned and smelling amazing will be exactly what they would expect.


Apart from these instances, you can get carpet steam cleaning in summer because the hot weather will help get carpet dry quicker. If you are thinking of winter, that is also a good time to get carpet cleaned because it is likely that because of the cold outside, you might be staying in a lot and that would mean relatively increased foot traffic for your carpet.


Now, there are some other circumstances when you should get professional carpet cleaning done, besides the above elaborated reasons and occasions. If you don’t you might be taking the risk of some serious health issues. The said circumstances are given below:


  1. Bad Smell

If you notice a bad smell in your room and can’t find any obvious reason or source, it might be your carpet. It could be a stain on your carpet releasing the substance residue that could be causing the bad smell in your room. If there’s no stain and yet you are noticing a bad smell it could be the excessive amount of dirt in your carpet that could be causing the bad smell. In either case, what you need to do is realise that it is the time to get professional carpet cleaning services in Melbourne.


  1. Acting Up Allergies

Your allergies haven’t bothered you in a long time but now suddenly they have started acting up. It could be your carpet that is causing this sudden and unexplained reaction. When your carpet has absorbed a lot of dirt and hasn’t been cleaned in a long time, its capacity to absorb more dirt decreases which means that the air quality in your room will also be decreased. Now the air in your room has increased levels of dirt and that is the same air that you inhale while you breathe and that causes the allergies. So if you notice your allergies acting up, it is time to get your carpet cleaned.


  1. Stains Getting Dull

Sometimes we don’t take immediate action on the stains upon food or drink spills or such. Which is really unfortunate because all kinds of stains should be treated right away. Regardless, if your carpet already has stains and you haven’t had it treated right away, and it’s been so long that the stains have started getting dull then it is of utmost urgency and importance that you get your carpet cleaned right away without wasting a single moment.


Getting professional carpet cleaning can be difficult but it is very much important for both the health and the aesthetic. Carpets are an essential aspect of the indoor aesthetics. And carpets also determine your health risks as they can either be harmful or useful according to how hygienic and clean they are.


Professional carpet cleaning service providers always offer two methods of carpet cleaning: Carpet steam cleaning in Melbourne and Carpet dry cleaning in Melbourne. Depending on the type of your carpet, you should be getting either one of those considering your carpet cleaning needs. Carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning both are effective methods of cleaning but considering the kind of carpet you own and the kind of atmosphere you have around matters a lot in taking the decision of the cleaning method. For example, if you live in a humid region, getting steam cleaning for your carpet may not be the best idea as the carpet will take too long to get dry after the cleaning. Always consult the professionals before taking the decision of which cleaning method you are going to employ for your precious carpet.

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