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How we can improve patient care? Tips and Ideas

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improve patient care

Enhancing and Improve patient care has been an important goal for all health providers with the aim of achieving the highest level of satisfaction with patients. A greater awareness among the general public and a growing demand for higher quality care, more pronounced competition, increased regulations for health as well as the increasing number of lawsuits involving medical malpractice and the concern over negative outcomes are a part of this shift.

The current health problems are a result of both medical and non-medical aspects and a complete system that enhances both. Health systems in countries that are developing have a greater challenge because quality and cost recovery must be balance against equal treatment for patients.

Non Medical Care

The reality patients are the primary patient in the medical care system should be acknowledge by everyone working within the system. This is the only thing that makes an enormous difference in treatment of patients within any healthcare facility. In the developing world, financial constraints frequently result in poor quality of healthcare.

This could be remedied through the implementation of management systems that emphasize cost recuperation. Our experience suggests that a system must first be create to attract patients who are able to pay for top quality services. This system is then expand to non-paying patients. This type of system is a benefit of superior healthcare and cost recovery. Some of the problems which need to be address to improve the quality of care for patients are listed below.

Accessibility and availability

The accessibility and availability of the doctor and hospital must be guarantee to everyone who requires medical treatment. Many Health firms provide this service online and Pcnok is one of them. Pcnok (Patient Care Network of Oklahoma) is a platform that gives affordable medical services to patients online.

Waiting Time

The waiting time for all services must be minimize. In the majority of developing nations, the huge demand for services can make this a massive issue. However, it must be deal with effectively by constant evaluation of the patient’s responses as well as other information and using the feedback to make necessary adjustments to the system.

Quick Information.

Instructions for patients and information about the procedures, administrative and medical, must be clear. Patient counsellors who have been trained are an effective connection with the patients and hospital staff. They make the patient’s experience more pleasant and the job of doctors more simple.


Check-in and checkout procedures must be “patient-friendly”. For example, in-patients we have established the practice of releasing patients into their rooms, removing the requirement for the patient or their family members to travel to a different office or counter at the hospital, and then wait for an extended period. This has been a great reception by patients.

Good Communication.

The ability to communicate with the patient and family members regarding possible delays will help to avoid stress and frustration. The establishment of a separate “Patient Care Department” with an administrator who is on full-time basis has greatly benefited our institution and has increased our communication with families and patients.

Other Services.

Other services like food, communication and more. should be readily available for patients and their families.

Medical Care

The aspects of medical care for patients are well-understood by the majority of health professionals. This is based on the level of the medical and technical knowledge, and also the quality of the equipment and assurance systems used in the practice. The following factors are important to improving medical care.

Appropriate medications.

Access to low cost drugs is an absolute requirement for appropriate treatment. The improvement of care for patients is an ongoing process and must be at the top of our minds as medical personnel. The development and maintenance of an empathetic system for patients is important to achieve this goal. It is essential to ensure the quality of all aspects of care for patients including non-medical and medical. Parkinson’s disease is quite widespread. According to reports by NIH, over half a million US population has Parkinson disease.

Trained Eye care team

A well-trained ‘Eye Care Team’ is essential in providing high-quality services with positive results. Insufficient staff and insufficient training facilities for available personnel pose major challenges. The temptation to hire individuals who are not trained or skill must be avoided. Training courses should be increased, as well as the existing ones must be enhanced. Making a uniform basic curriculum available for all training institutions/programmes should help bring about standardisation.

High-Quality eye care team

There is significant anxiety about the outcome of cataract surgery as well as other procedures commonly used for surgery. Implementing quality assurance systems in all aspects of patient care is crucial. For instance, adhering to asepsis during the operating rooms can help decrease the morbidity after surgery and proper training of ophthalmologists on diagnostic methods can aid in the control of diseases that can cause blindness.

Good Technology

All the necessary equipment needs to be install and well maintained. This is crucial for the efficiency in the system of medical care and can contribute substantially to improved outcomes. Equipment for eye care that is of acceptable quality can be found at affordable costs. It is accompanied by proper maintenance methods.

Use of appropriate instruments

Good quality instruments are now readily available at less prices. Through the development of appropriate inventory control systems to an operation, expenses can be cut.

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