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September 26, 2021

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How To Use Google Keep Notes 2021 ?

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Google Keep 2021

What Is Google Keep?

Google Keep is one of the best G Suite tools to use. Capture ideas with your own voice, add pictures to notes, assess tasks off your to-do record, plus much more. With Google Keep, you are able to create, share, and collaborate with people on lists and notes. Keep synchronized across all of your devices, so your lists and notes go with you, wherever you’re. It is a free, note-taking app in G Suite. It’s available online, in addition to a cellular app on Android and iOS.

Google Keep App

Google Keep is an app I’ve used indefinitely, but only really for personal to-do lists. It’s a sticky-note type of program that allows you to make notes, color code them, check off items on a list, and even share notes with others. Google Maintain is connected to all your other Google products (slides, drive, docs, etc.), so all it requires to your students is a Google login. To begin, go to or try out among Google new URLs by simply typing into your Omnibox (aka the web browser address bar). If you are on a mobile device, go into the Google Play shop or Apple App Store and download the Google Keep app.  

Features Of Google Keep 2021

Bookmarking To Do Lists Sharing Notes And Bookmarks Date And Time Reminders Location-Based Reminders Drawing Notes Annotating Images Sending Notes To Google Docs Using Note Labels And Searching Notes Color-Coding Notes  

Google Keep Colour Coding

If you take notes about different subjects or categories, this is a great way to keep track visually. The best part is Keep makes it incredibly easy to color-code your notes. Open your note, tap the overflow button in the bottom right corner, and pick the color of your choice done.  

Set Reminders With Google Keep

you can Set Reminders With Google Keep this one is pretty straightforward, at the bottom of each note in the Keep app is a ‘remind me’ button. Reminders aren’t anything new, and lots of times your notes won’t need to be on a schedule, but the location-based reminders are a pretty cool feature. Set up a location reminder by typing in an address and you’ll be notified when you’re nearby.  

Take Photo Notes With Google Keep

There’s a lot of different ways to take notes, and it doesn’t always have to be text-based. Saw something on the street you liked? Snap a photo, maybe scribble down some notes, and move on with your day – it’s that easy. Google Keep lets you add photos from your camera roll or take new ones and place them in your notes. You can make your notes a lot more comprehensive by adding images to complement your text.  

Audio Notes With Google Keep

Tired of typing everything? Take audio notes! Record the ideas as they stream out of your mouth into the world, so you don’t miss a minute of your genius. We can all talk faster than we can type making audio notes that much more jam-packed with information.  

Google Keep Security

Google Keep doesn’t offer any meaningful security measures, so your notes will be as secure as your Google account. The vast majority of users won’t experience any issues, but it’s still a good idea to enable two-factor authentication in your account settings.  

Google Keep Archive Or Delete

Another handy feature on Google Keep is the option to archive notes. Once you’re done with a note, and you don’t want it crowding up your home, you can choose to archive it instead of deleting it. Archived notes can be searched through and reopened which is perfect if you need it, for whatever reason, down the road. I usually only delete notes when I’m confident I won’t need them later.  

Share Notes in Google Keep

Since Google makes it so simple to share notes in Keep, you can use the feature for business or personal notes. Whether you’re making a plan, creating a to-do list, or just gathering ideas, share notes in Google Keep to make sure everyone’s in the loop!  

Google Keep Export To Google Docs

Okay, so you have all these comprehensive colour-coded notes nicely tagged with images, drawings, and audio, what now? Obviously Keep isn’t the best place for your beautiful ideas and content to live but what’s the first step to bringing the material to life? Exporting to Google Docs!  

How To Download Google Keep

Google Keep app Download Google Keep
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