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How To Take Great Bridal Pictures Under A Time Constraint?

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If you are a wedding photographer, then many a time you can face the challenge of taking portraits under an extreme time constraint. You may not get the opportunity to compose your photos by taking a lot of time. You have to do to the photo shoot at a faster pace because of the changing weather condition (if the photo shoot is done outside), or maybe you have very small window take the photos before the next significant event in the marriage ceremony starts. If you wish to make a name of yourself as the best wedding photographer in Udaipur or the top wedding photographer in Mumbai, then you have to develop a process of taking good quality pictures even under an adverse time constraint.

In this article, we will share with you some of the tricks that famous photographers use to ensure that the photos they take arealways been sharp regardless of the time constraint.

1). Prepare beforehand: Never go to any photoshoot blind, but make a recce of that place beforehand. This is extremely important as it will give you an idea of how to compose your shots, the position of the light source and so on. It is important to keep the light source ready and test it on one of your crew. This is a great way of preparing for a photoshoot well in advance. In this way, you can take good photos very quickly once the subject (bride or groom) arrives.

2). Keep in mind a few poses: If you are shooting pictures under an adverse time constraint, then you do not have time to experiment with different poses. You must beforehand decide a few poses which will look good in the pictures. Therefore, once the bride or groom arrives at the photoshoot, you can instruct them about those poses and take quick pictures. After taking the pictures you can always edit out those which you don’t find appealing.

3).Give clear instructions: One of the reasons many photographers takea long time to complete the photoshoot is because they do not give instructions properly. If you want to become a candid wedding photographer in Goa or any other place where you live, then you have to take pictures of your subject on the go. In simple term, you have to take pictures of people when they are interacting with each other naturally. However, if you are looking to take great portrait pictures, then you must instruct your subject to give a certain look or pose. You must keep your instruction short and simple so that the subject (bride or groom) can follow you without any problem. This will allow you to complete the photoshoot in a very short period of time.

4).Be ready for any challenges: You have to understand that in a photoshoot everything will not go your way. The light may not be adequate, the place where you’re going to take photos may not be attractive. Whatever the situation, you must have the skills and an artistic eye to make the best out of such a situation and take amazing pictures even in challenging conditions.

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