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How to produce attractive & eye-catchy custom printed mugs 7 handy tips

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Nothing can enhance the mood of a person than a morning coffee or tea in Custom printed mugs. But their attraction is not easy to get as it requires creativity and clever thinking while designing. Many people do not know how they can make these special items. That is why we have gathered 7 handy tips that will help you greatly. Follow them, and you will be on the way to become a master of this art.

The targeted audience is important

Knowing your targeted audience is vital. Especially if you are going to master the art of mug printingBefore the designing process starts, it is important to know what are the likings and disliking of your customers. What are their habits? How much they are mixed with their culture. Their religion is vital. What are their demographics? Geographical location is important. This is important because it affects how people are going to perceive your item. Some graphics that are considered good in one culture can be perceived very badly in others. Many other things can impact perception. That is a big reason why you need to consider this tip very important.

Understand size and shape

The size of the mug is crucial for your success. It depends upon the preference of your targeted customers. But the general perception is that bigger is better. By keeping this in mind, you can go with a bigger one. But for that reason, you have to enlarge your typography as well. This is because your typography size is going to make a huge impact on the people. If it has a bold and bigger one, people are going to like it. In the same way, the shape of the product is vital. You can make your item stand out among others by choosing a creative shape. The shape can enhance the printed material if it is supporting it. But keep in mind that your item is easily washable. That is a great thing for many businesses that are going to promote their brand. These tips can help you in making a lasting impact through this item.

Color selection is vital

Colors are the basic element in the design of these products. You need to give proper care while selecting them. They are also linked with the budget of these printed products. This is because more colors can incur more cost of printing. But if budget is not your problem, then it is recommended to provide an eye-catching color scheme. This is because it can attract customers in no time. Colors can be personalized according to the events in the life of the targeted audience. That can glorify their persona. You should not ignore this precious tip.

Choose the graphics wisely

This one needs no introduction. This is because graphics are the major element that is going to make an impact on the minds of the people. If graphics are chosen carefully and creatively, then you will get success. Otherwise, your design would be an ordinary one. Artwork should be designed according to the customers. If an athlete is going to buy your product, then the artwork or patterns are different. If a student is going to buy it, the design would be different. In the same way, there are many things that you should consider in designing. You can also use images for this purpose. This is because they are known to be great for communicating the value.

Keep the quality high

No matter what you are doing, quality is pretty important. This is because if you are going to use it as a promotional item, then its quality represents your brand’s standard. That is why you should get it printed with the printing services that are known for their quality. Moreover, it is not just about the printing standard, but also about the material quality. High standard ceramic can be beneficial. Make it sturdy, so it does not get damaged quickly. It is also important to get a coating on these products to protect the printing.

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High-res printing is inevitable

What is the point of designing if it is not going to look good? Yes! Printing resolution decides the fate of the design. This is because low resolution can make the illustrations or images blurry. That is, perhaps, the last thing you would want to do. So, keep in mind that high-res printing is inevitable for these items. It can make or break deals even if your design is outstanding.

Pay attention to the budget

Now comes the most important tip. Decide your budget before the designing process. This will save your energy and time in redesigning according to your budget later. It is recommended to prefer quality over quantity. This is because these things are going to represent your brand standard. If they are not of good quality, they will show a cheap image of your business. Give this one proper resource so you can get desired benefits.  Mug printing is vital for many businesses for their success. This is because many of them provide these products as gifts to their customers. Moreover, if you are concerned with the selling of these items, it also depends on how you design them. These were some of the top tips from our experts that are going to help you greatly.

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