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How To Preserve The Beauty Of Your Woolen Shawls

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During winter, we extensively use all the woolens garments we have. Whether staying at home or going outside, you need to wrap yourself with the woolen shawls to get the utmost comfort and protect yourself from the chilly winds.

For a wide range of variety and colors; many people often become eager to buy woolen shawls but many times, they are scared as we thought that the care and storing of these items will be difficult. For that reason, they want to stay away from lucrative options like Pashmina or Angora shawls.

However, it is a complete misconception that the woolen shawls need much care as you can easily wash, dry, and store it at your home. Moreover, you don’t need any fancy detergent for it. If you are scared to Buy Woolen Shawls for this reason, then here is your complete guide to show you how easy it is actually.

How to wash your woolen shawls:

If you think that the texture of your lavish Pashmina Shawl may get hampered if you wash it, then you are wrong. In reality, the original Pashmina gets softer with every wash.

When you will Buy Woolen Shawls, you can find that there is wash and care instructions on the label. For each shawl, you have to follow the instructed way to wash and care.

No matter what is the material of the woolen shawl, there are some common washing techniques that are suitable for every category.

Machine-wash for woolen shawls are not advisable as the spin can damage the texture. Hand washes in tumble are the best process to wash the accessory.

Never use hot water to wash any woolen as it is not only harmful to the texture but also loosen the weave.

Take a bucket of water in normal temperature; add any mild shampoo in it. Soak the shawl for a few minutes and then gently rub it with your hand. Now discard the water and wash again in plain and clean water.

Tips to dry the woolen shawls:

The dryers are not suitable for the woolen shawls. Moreover, you should not hang it as it may lose its shape eventually. Take a clean cloth and spread it on a clean surface. Now spread the shawl over it and air dry it. You should not put it in the direct sun as it may affect the color.


 How to store the woolen shawls?

After wash, you need to pack them properly so that they stay safe from the moth attack. Tissue bags are the best to store woolens as it absorbs extra moisture and keep it away from the fungi attack as well.

It is better to add some sort of fragrance as it has two advantages. The first one is that it will help your shawls to have a nice smell and secondly it can keep away furry moths.

For better protection, you can store all the Woolen shawls in a box so that no little creature can get in there.

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