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September 26, 2021

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How To Manage Financial Data Security With Cloud Accounting?

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Financial Data Security

Cloud accounting is the best way to store financial data in the secured locations! As more businesses are adapting to the new technology, it is important to select the right kind of tool for the top benefits. The financial data is kept in a secured manner on the cloud and the businesses can access it with safe user authentication. There are more chances of your accounting data getting compromised when stored in the physical servers across the business installation.


Cloud computing is the best way of handling business operations & you only need an active internet connection to access the cloud account. The cloud accounting tool is hosted on the remote servers & which means that all functions are performed off-site. There are different kinds of accounting tools in the market that can be easily hosted on the cloud for quick access to financial data. This guest post is letting you all the details related to cloud accounting for financial data security.


Table of Contents

  1. What is Cloud Accounting? Is my Financial Data Safe in the Cloud?
  2. Features of Cloud Accounting to Manage Financial Data
  • User Permissions
  • Approvals
  • Validation Rules
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Session Security Setting
  • Audit Trail Functionality
  1. Why Choose Cloud for Accounting & Financial Operations?
  2. Final Thoughts!


What is Cloud Accounting? Is my Financial Data Safe in the Cloud?

Cloud accounting is one of the best ways to manage finances & store data in safe locations. Financial data is valuable & any kind of data breach or leak can make or break the business. With help of cloud accounting, data is getting stored on remote servers & the business to buy or lease it from the hosting providers.


Cloud is referred to as the software that runs on the internet, instead of or locally on the physical device. The cloud services are accessed through an internet browser or a mobile app. All kinds of financial data are safe in the cloud if managed the right way. Businesses can now check on the finances at any time, from varied locations, or on any device. Get access to the financial data as long as you have internet connectivity.

One of the major benefits of cloud-based technology is there is no need for physical servers anymore! The remote servers can be accessed anytime & the hosting providers are taking care of all the server needs. Physical servers can be stolen or tampered with as needed by the hacker. Reach out to the right kind of hosting provider to store financial data safely.

If your financial information is at stake, that will be disastrous for companies & the stakeholders. QuickBooks cloud services safeguard your accounting data and protect it from any misadventure.

Cloud is a boon of technology and is used by all kinds of businesses! In 2021, more than 90% of the businesses will be depending on the cloud for storage purposes & low-cost IT infrastructure. Host the accounting software on the cloud and get remote access to all kinds of data.


Features of Cloud Accounting to Manage Financial Data

Data security is the top concern for all businesses & in the case of financial data the companies try to be more cautious. Cloud accounting has many features that make it idle to store & secure the financial data in remote servers. Let us look at some of the top cloud accounting features that best suit financial needs.

User Permissions

It lets the user clearly define the tasks that need to be performed by the users & administrators. The business is always in control of accounting data & has easy access to it. It is easy to set or create unique permission sets for complex processes.



The user can automate the specific steps or sequences of events that need an official signoff on records to ensure accuracy. None will be able to view or alter the accounting data without appropriate reasons. It will be the ideal way to deter internal security & breaches.


Validation Rules

It is the kind of standards set for proper handling of data. The kind of security measures is ensuring the selection of users for a certain process in the system. The rules are based on business logic and are meant to prevent processes to get out of sequencing.


Two-Factor Authentication

It is the kind of authentication that is enabling the second level of authentication for all login activities. The two-factor authentication can be implemented when a user is performing certain kinds of functions like examining expenses.


Session Security Setting

It is the kind of setting that is providing power to businesses for controlling & monitoring the active user sessions. The user is able to view the IP address from where the logged-in happens, along with postal code locations.


Audit Trail Functionality

It lets the user track the changes throughout the financial reconciliation process to maintain accurate data. It is also allowing the users to see what exactly is going on with the general ledger, project accounting, & other aspects of the accounting process.


Why Choose Cloud for Accounting & Financial Data Security?

Cloud is providing the infrastructure & platform to host the business’s IT tools for the management of operations. It is possible to access the cloud accounting data anytime & anywhere with an active internet connection. But, the best feature of the cloud is the data security of financial information. The cloud-based financial software is basically a SaaS (Software as a Service) and it means that the software doesn’t need installation on the PC.

The cloud accounting tools are performing the same functions as on the desktop, but the security level is extremely high. The entire process of cloud financing & accounting is the same as the desktop tool, but the entire process is moved to the remote servers.


Here are the top benefits to select cloud for financial security –

It stores data in the secured data centers

The accounting & financing data is stored in safe data centers across different locations. The task of the cloud services to secure their data from any outside interference. Data safety is one of the prime concerns of all businesses and thus the cloud storage services ensure strong security of data. It is simply impossible to break into the remote data centers for data theft.

Cloud storage is also keeping data safe across redundant servers! So, if one of the data centers fails, then the data can be managed by other data centers, which makes supervising easier. Some of the vendors in cloud storage keep the copies of data safe across different data centers. The backup is always ready even if the data is lost or corrupted!


It is cost-effective to secure the accounting data

Usually, businesses need to spend a lot of money on data storage & security! By using the right kind of storage services, businesses will be able to outsource the storage problem. Cloud accounting is the cheapest way to store accounting data in safe data centers. The cloud storage facility is more effective than all other traditional ways of data storage. Moving to a cloud storage & backup facility will be a win-win situation for all businesses.


There will be no data breach in case of remote data access

One of the top features of cloud accounting is remote data access. The businesses might fear data breaches in case of remote access. But there is nothing to worry about as the data is stored across varied locations & in different data centers. The data or files from the cloud storage facility can be availed at any time when needed. The user will need authentication details and an active internet connection to access their data.

The interface of the cloud accounting tool service is easy to use and the concerned person can get all the data as needed for the business. Access data remotely using your available device and retrieve the files anytime for better use.


Final Thoughts!

With the advent of the cloud, storing accounting data on it has become the preferred choice for all. Cloud storage has gained popularity in recent years and is undoubtedly the best choice for all! Big tech firms are investing heavily in cloud storage and thus it is advisable to move to the cloud for multiple benefits.

Store data in the backup for urgent needs and also in case of any theft or system failure. Select the right kind of QuickBooks cloud vendor to ensure protected storage. The right kind of hosting provider needs to be selected to transfer accounting safely to the cloud. Also, get 24/7 assistance from the hosting provider to tackle any kind of accounting issue.

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