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How to Get a Swimmers Body?

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It’s a one of the most common misconception about swimmers body that you can get it after spending hours of time in swimming pool without doing proper exercise or nutrition. There is no doubt that swimming is one of the best exercise you can do to get a better health and physique. But everything require time to achieve the result.

So if your question is how can I get a swimmers body without swimming? So my answer is simple start doing weight training to build lean muscle. But if you want a proper swimmers physique it depends on how long you can workout in the pool.

In this article I have covered several tips which you can use to get your desire swimmers body.

Lower your fat percentage

Let me share a medical research with you about swimmers body. A study shows that a healthy man considered as a fit if the fat percentage is less than 15%. A swimmers body contain 6% to 20% of fat depend on the age and body structure.

Generally speaking a male body contain most of its fat in in the belly and above. Since one of the most visible quality of a swimmer body is the defined waistline and broad shoulder.

Cardio Exercise

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You can start doing cardio and aerobics to increase your strength. It will help you to burn a lot of your fat. You can get a perfect swimmers body if you decrease your fat percentage from your body.


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The best part of having a swimmers body is you will have a great flexibility in your shoulder and ankles. This flexibility in shoulder and ankles help a swimmers to switch their bodies while keeping their grip on the water in the lengthy axis strokes. Ankle flexibility will help you in powerful kick and push. You ankle will work like a fin and allow you to push more water backward.


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As you know it’s a common thing that a proper nutrition will help you to keep a healthy life and can increase your strength as well as build your muscle. A study shows that to lose one pound of body fat your need to reduce 3,500 of calories from your body and you can achieve it by a combination of diet and exercise.

Center Mass

In every body there is a balancing point which called center of mass. In swimmers body it is closer to the lungs. Only because of center of mass many swimmers have very long torsos often molded like a triangle.

Strength Training

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To get a proper body shape like Michael Phelps you need to start doing weight training. You can do dumbbells exercise. You should never do strength training for more than one hour. Your range of raps should be around 4 to 5 per exercise.


How to get a swimmers body is simple as building muscle and reduce fat. But it totally depends on the workout and balanced diet. If you want to get a proper shape body than you should have a clear objective of what shape of body you are targeting.

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