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How To Fix Opera VPN Not Working : Opera VPN Error

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Fix Opera VPN

Opera Browser VPN

“VPN temporarily unavailable” Opera is currently resolving the issue prompt. This means that Opera has not been able to connect to the VPN. Opera is a top browser in the market and offers many exceptional capabilities. Opera even has an integrated VPN.

This feature allows you connect to one of three Virtual Private Networks (VPN) locations instantly and without any charges. This allows you to surf the internet anonymously and also allows you access geo-restricted content such as Netflix and Disney Plus.

Even though it is essential, there may be a problem with your Opera VPN browser. Learn how to fix and troubleshoot Opera’s VPN problems.

Why does Opera VPN not work?

This problem can happen on any device: Opera browser for Windows, macOS or mobile. There are several reasons why Opera browser cannot connect to VPN servers.

Corrupted/Incomplete Installation

Some browser features might not work if the browser was installed incorrectly or the modules are corrupted. The problem can be fixed by reinstalling your browser with the correct modules.

Problem with Connection

Your device may not be connected to the internet, and your VPN might fail to connect. An outage could be caused by a problem on the Internet Service Provider (ISP)’s side. Before you attempt to find a more sophisticated solution, first verify that you are connected.


Try another browser or other application that uses an internet connection to access the internet. You will need to repair the connection if the App does not connect to the internet.

Software Conflict

Opera’s inbuilt VPN feature has been shown to cause conflicts with certain programs like Windows Firewall or Antivirus Apps. If this happens, the antivirus software will stop the VPN from connecting.

You can either temporarily disable the Antivirus program or whitelist Opera from the Antivirus program to resolve the software conflict. You might also find that some extensions you have added to Opera may conflict with the VPN.

Have you experienced VPN connection issues after installing an extension. You can try disabling extensions and then restarting the browser to resolve the problem.

Opera VPN Server Problem

Opera VPN features allows you to choose from three VPN locations: America, Europe, or Asia. It is possible that you are having trouble connecting to one of the server locations due to it being unavailable, overcrowded or undergoing maintenance.

Opera VPN connection problems can be fixed by changing the location of your VPN.

How to fix Opera VPN Temporarily unavailable Error

The VPN icon in the browser toolbar will turn yellow if Opera VPN fails to connect. The following error message will appear: “VPN is temporarily unavailable.” Opera is currently resolving this problem. This problem can be caused by many things. Each one requires a unique solution. A review of  9 VPN browsers for PC that will help you stay anonymous in whatever you do.

Below are steps and procedures that you can use to fix the problem.

Method 1: Turn the VPN on and off

This will work in situations where the VPN is connecting but your IP address is not changed. This can be fixed by switching the Opera VPN feature off and back on multiple times.

This will determine the correct procedure.

Step One: Open Opera Settings

First, launch Opera on your computer. The Start menu on Windows allows you to launch the browser. You will need to navigate to your Applications folder to launch Opera on macOS.

After you have opened Opera browser, navigate to the Settings menu.

Open Opera Settings for Windows 10 and Linux

The Opera window’s top-left corner is where you will find the red “O” icon. Next, click on Settings in the context menu.

Open Opera Settings for macOS (Opera VPN is not working on Mac Fix).

You will need to click the Opera menu at the top of your screen to access the Preferences option.

Step 2: Turn on the VPN

You must first make sure that the VPN is turned on before you can turn it off. To display more options in the Settings menu, click on the Advanced tab. Scroll down until you see the ‘VPN’ header.

Under this heading, click on the “Enable VPN” field. You should see a checkmark in the box indicating that VPN is enabled.

Step 3:Switch the VPN on/off

After you have enabled VPN, you will see the blue VPN badge in the address bar of your browser. To display the pop-up window, you will need to click this button. To enable/disable VPN, click on the switch at top of the window.

Method 2: Fix Opera VPN Not Working for Netflix

Opera’s built VPN can be used to access geo-restricted content from streaming sites like Netflix. This VPN feature has not been available for all users.

Most users reported receiving a Netflix error code 071111-5059. You may be experiencing a similar issue if you change the server location within Opera VPN. This will depend on what device you’re using.

How do I change my VPN location on my PC

If the VPN has been enabled, you will see the blue VPN icon in the address bar of your Opera browser. This button should be used to change the server location, regardless of whether you are using Windows 10 or macOS.

Click on the blue VPN icon and select “Virtual Location” from the context menu. Expand the drop-down menu to select another location to change your VPN address. Many users reported that moving to Europe or Asia clears the Netflix error code 071111-5059.

How to change your VPN location on Android

You can change the location if you have trouble connecting to Netflix using Opera VPN on Android. This is also useful if the VPN connects to a server takes too much time.

Start Opera App and tap the red “O” icon or the three-line menu icon, depending on which Android version you’re using. To toggle the VPN on, select Settings and then tap on it. To see its options, tap on the VPN field once more.

Navigate to the “Virtual location” and choose a different location using the drop-down menu.

Method 3: Clear Opera’s Cookies and Cache (Opera VPN is not working Windows 10 Fix).

Next, open the Opera browser from your desktop. Press the Ctrl+ Shift + Del keys combination. This will open Opera’s ‘Clear Browsing Data’ settings. Make sure that you have checked the boxes next to ‘Site Data’ and ‘Cookies options.

Next, choose “the beginning of the time” from the drop-down menu. Click on the “Clear data” button. After that, restart your browser and connect the VPN again.

Method 4: Fix Opera VPN not working Android (Disable private tabs selection)

Opera for Android’s VPN feature is set to work only on private tabs by default. Your IP address will remain the same on all Opera tabs, regardless of whether or not you connect to the VPN. You can disable this setting if you prefer to use the VPN on regular tabs.

Tap on the Opera icon and choose Settings. Toggle the feature On in VPN settings. After the VPN connection is complete, you can uncheck the box next to the “Use VPN only for private tabs” option.

Method 5: Disable Opera Extensions

The inbuilt VPN may be affected by some of the add-ons you have installed to your Opera browser. First, disable all Opera extensions to determine if this is the problem. Open Opera browser, and then click the blue VPN icon at the top-left corner of the URL bar.

Navigate to Extensions > Extensions (Ctrl+ Shift +E). This will show you a list with all extensions. Click on each extension and click the “Disable” button. After you have removed all extensions, restart your browser and connect the VPN again.

Final Verdict

Opera’s built-in VPN is a wonderful feature. This feature is free and has been shown to be reliable and highly effective. There are instances when it doesn’t work at all. It could be caused by server problems or corrupted cookies.

This guide has shown you that there are many ways to solve this problem. In rare cases, it may be necessary to temporarily disable Windows Firewall and antivirus programs. Users have also had to reinstall Opera browser in order to resolve the problem.

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