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How To Choose The Perfect Problem Solution Essay Topic

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Essay Topic

Whether in high school, college or online learning, you’ll have to write an essay at some point as part of your coursework. One of the most common types of paper you may be asked to register will be the problem solution essay, which requires you to analyze both sides of an issue and come up with your solution that offers a better solution than either side presented in the argument. Problem-solution essays can be tricky because they require good research and a solid understanding of how to structure and organize your ideas into a cohesive and coherent essay.

Choosing a Topic

Choosing a problem-solution essay topic can be difficult, and there are many factors to consider when deciding on one. To help you get started, here are some ideas for issues you may want to consider:

-One of your struggles and how you overcame it -A challenge or problem that is common among college students and your suggested solution -Something that you would like changed in society or in the world and your proposal for how to change it

-What do you wish people knew about women’s bodies? How does the media affect our body image? What role does social media play in this issue? How do we go about changing this situation?

Defining the Problem

The most important thing you need to do before starting your paper is defining the problem. What is your topic about? The best way to do this is by listing everything that relates to your case and then finding which items are most important or relevant. You may find that some things have more than one meaning or have multiple solutions. It would also help if you wrote these down, as they could come in handy later.

Brainstorming Solutions

– How can I be a better student? – What are some ways I can make my time more productive? – What is your favourite thing about school and why? – Why is it essential for me to be in this class or participate in this activity? What are some benefits of working with people with different perspectives than me?

Do I feel comfortable working on problems in groups or prefer to work alone?

How much help do you need when solving problems, or do you prefer to work independently?

What problem-solving style do you enjoy using: visual, verbal, sequential, or systemic?

Narrowing Down the Best Solution

You should keep three things in mind when choosing a solution essay topic: scope, applicability, and relevance. Size refers to how wide-ranging your problem is; bearing means how practical your idea is to live outside of school, and relevance means that your thesis must be both important and timely. For example, if you choose What is the best way for students to prepare for their final exams? as your essay’s topic, it will be relevant because it addresses a current issue. However, its applicability would depend on whether or not this topic applies to other settings outside of school.

Now let’s consider what this question would look like if it were taken as an argumentative essay title:

The Best Way to Prepare for Final Exams?

Some belief studying every day throughout the semester is necessary, while others argue that cramming one week before finals isn’t enough preparation time. The debate between these two points is relevant since so many students have been asking this question recently, and there are still no clear answers.

Writing the Problem Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay is a type of writing that can be used in any academic setting. The purpose of this type of essay is for you to solve a real-world problem. To do so, you will need to explore and analyze both sides of the issue. You will then need to present your solution in an organized manner. For example, if the topic were about how to deal with garbage on our planet, you would first start by exploring why there are garbage piles everywhere. Next, you would explain how people create more waste than they can handle and why landfills overflow. Then finally, you would come up with a plan or way of solving the problem.


In conclusion, a problem solution essay is a great way to write an essay on a topic you’re passionate about. The benefits of writing such an essay include being creative and researching your topic in depth. This blog post was helpful; you can now choose the perfect problem-solution essay topic! Here are some final tips for you:

*Select a subject that excites or interests you. You can’t wait to research it and explore it.

*Pick a simple topic if your skills could be better at this point. Find out what’s happening around us today, things like pollution or crime rates – these should give you enough topics to explore!

*Create a thesis statement and three arguments (the support) for it – remember these should all be supported with evidence from credible sources!

Good luck with your next assignment!

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