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September 26, 2021

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How to choose the best Innerwear clothing for escaping winters?

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Innerwear clothing

The female body works differently from that of men. Although we both have a body temperature of about 36.5 ° C, it is common for women to feel much colder than they. The body adapts to weather conditions, but age, physical activity, pregnancy or hormonal contraceptives, among other factors, affect us even more.

The temperature of the skin and our ability to conserve heat do vary more between men’s thermal inner wear and women winter innerwear, given our smaller size, weight, and body proportions ―as a general rule―. If you are one of those people who suffer in winter, and who knows how frustrating, painful, and annoying the cold can be, why not try thermal innerwear?

The most important

  • Thermal innerwear is ideal for daily use in cold weather, as it adapts to your body like a second skin and is not noticeable under your everyday clothes.
  • You can opt for tank tops, long sleeves, tight leggings or a full set of mesh and pants.
  • When buying thermal innerwear, you must take into account the material with which it is made, its weight, and the care it requires.

The best thermal innerwear

Are you going on a trip this winter to a cold destination, are you thinking of buying a set of thermal innerwear and do not know where to start? Or are you just sick of having a hard time this time of year? Here are five good thermal innerwear options with which you can say goodbye to the cold for a good season.

The best thermal shirt for women

This thermal shirt for women, from the Woollen Wear brand, you will surely love it as much as we do. In fact, it is the best seller online! It is long-sleeved, with a round neck and an interior fleece so that you will never feel cold again.

 It’s warm, breathable, and even looks good with jeans if you like. Above, it is not expensive, what more do you want?

The best thermal tights

The renowned brand of technical garments Woollen Wear proposes these breathable, very light, and antibacterial thermal tights. We really love them. Although they are made from merino wool, they are perfectly machined washable.

These innerwear pants are highly breathable and keep you dry, warm and comfortable. It is available in two colors: light blue and black.

The best thermal clothing for women

If you need a set of thermal clothing for women winter inner wear, we present this team because we loved it. It is a set that is available in three different thicknesses, all with different thicknesses of polyester and elastane. They are garments that do not shrink or fray, in addition to not producing irritations.

They have several sizes and the set is of high quality, as confirmed by users. Do not let it escape!

The best thermal socks

In winter it is important to have warm feet, which is why we opted for this set of three pairs of thermal socks for women. They have captivated us! They are knee-length and made of soft acrylic, polyamide, and elastane.

They are breathable and come in different colors. In addition, they are very warm and great for snow. Feedback is mostly positive, you will love it!

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