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How To Care For Pets When You’re On Vacation

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Whether you decide to leave or travel with your pet, caring for it when on vacation should be a primary concern for pet owners. Some people are too attached to their pets that the thought of going on a vacation without them can be stressful. Once you figure out how to travel with your favorite non-human companion, you should also prepare for the task ahead. Caring for your pet when on vacation may be slightly different, considering that the vacation destination is unfamiliar to the pet. Fortunately, it does not have to be too tricky when you put your mind to it.

Below are some of the best tips to follow when caring for your pets when you are away from home.

1.  Work on Making them Comfortable

Pets tend to get irritable when they are not familiar with a place. While the challenge of finding a pet sitter is a real task when away from home, one has to figure out how to leave their pet as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately, when vacationing, it is not always possible to go everywhere with the pet. For pet-restricted sites, consider leaving your pet at your accommodation.

Note that they are unfamiliar with the place and may cause havoc. To make them feel more at ease, consider bringing an old T-shirt and leaving it in their sleeping pen or basket. The familiar scent will help calm them down. If you own a dog, make sure to shop dog crates that are comfortable and of the right size. Also buy dog worming tablets along with other supplements in case you
require them. However, remember that the point of bringing your dog along with you is for it to enjoy the new environment as much as you do. Make sure to find spots that you can go with your pet often.

2.  Hire a Pet Sitter

Pet sitters not only come in handy at home but also when you are vacationing. If you need to go out late at night with friends or acquaintances, you will not carry your pet along. For such interactions where only humans are required, consider hiring a pet sitter to keep your pet company. No matter how well-behaved your pet is, loneliness can engulf them and trigger unpleasant responses.

Find out whether the hotel or hostel you are spending your vacation days in, know of any trusted pet sitters they can recommend. After all, you will enjoy your dinner more, knowing that your pet is in safe hands. More importantly, make sure to deal with professionally trained pet sitters in case of emergencies.

3.  Leave your Pet with Loving Family Members

If it is impossible to travel with your pet, find the next best alternative for it. You can choose to leave the pet with one of your trusted family members, preferably one the pet is already familiar with. Doing this takes the worry away and ensures that your pet is happy and safe even when you are away. The pet is likely to notice any difference in its treatment when left in the hands of a caring relative. When considering a family member, it would help if you asked one who loves pets and owns a few of their own. Consider this period as a chance for your pet to bind with friends when you vacation.

4.  Have Someone Come Over to Your House

Besides taking your pet with you, or having a family member take care of them in their house, consider inviting a trusted individual to care for your pet in your home. The fact that you are not changing the pet’s environment means that it will be less fussy. You can hire a professional sitter or call a relative to take care of the pet from your home. You must know what works for the pet, and if possible, invite the caretaker a few days before you leave for your vacation.

Ensuring that your pet is familiar with the sitter minimizes any risks of attacks or accidents that could cut short your holiday. Well trained pets will react to a new and unfamiliar face for safety measures. Studies show that dogs can attack people they are unfamiliar with. However, with a proper introduction, you do not have to worry about taking your pet to an environment they are unsure of or imposing the pet on a family when they have things to do. This is one of the safest ways to care for your pet when you are away with minimal changes.

5.  Find a Volunteer

This opinion works best if you are concerned about the expenses of hiring a professional pet sitter or if you have no family member available to take up the role. Instead of canceling the trip, or postponing it, consider seeking volunteers passionate about taking care of animals. All you have to do is to leave the pet’s food and accessories with the volunteer. If you can offer a small stipend, then that would be perfect.

Final Thoughts

Pets are great companions but can be a handful to care for, especially when you need to travel. However, with better planning, owners can explore different options to ensure they leave their pets in the right hands.

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