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How people survived the pandemic condition and pay the rents to landlord?

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Pandemic made everyone stay indoors and people need to stay to protect their life. By staying indoors people experience a different lifestyle and they have to move out for an emergency and necessary things only. Many landlords find it difficult to make and earn money from the rented people. Even funny things happen where many people stay together with their roomies and had a tough time and shortage of food on it. Many felt responsibility about living life in the best way and it also remains about how nature plays a major role in mankind. Many people suffered a lot in the pandemic times.

Managing the situation

Alright is a YouTube channel where they provide the best content in funny and effective to make their viewers and subscriber need to satisfy and they used to provide the exact things to them. The Alright Squad makes many interesting and present situation concepts and is used to deliver in a funny concept way over it. The YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and viewers on it. Now they come up with the best concept between the roomies vs landlord which make everyone get the best way how people pays their rent during the pandemic condition on it.

The YouTube channel narrator Anushka Sharma alright, Badri Chavan, and Nikhil Vijay come with the concept of how the people’s roomies act upon the landlord funnily. The YouTube channel brings more concepts to the new web series.  They used to make a different type of concept on their latest web series funnily and dramatically. After the video uploaded on the channel, it gets millions of views with more like and comments on it. People started to talks about the video on the internet and social media also it gets and become more viral video 2021. The cast plays on the concept name are rituraj, sampark, and adbhut on the video.

The YouTube channel also made several Indian web series in the name of college romance 2. The YouTube channel made every college romance season 2 video becomes the best Indian web series on the internet. The alright channel made mini web series where it can be viewed by all age people which make everyone laugh and happy on it. In their roomies’ episode 3 they show how people are struggles during the pandemic time. The youtube channel show how people are reacting and passing the life during the pandemic times on it.

Filtercpoy is another YouTube channel brings more used and much need concept video of everyone and people watches their videos in millions on it. Also, the timeliness and dice media provide satisfying videos on their YouTube channel. The channel also introduces a new season of Gagan Arora web series where all kinds of love, romantic fight with action are mixed on the web series and make everyone to get satisfied of it. The YouTube channel has millions of viewers and subscribers on their channel and gets trending and viral on the internet and social media. The youtube channel gets millions of views and likes with more command on it.

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