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How Long Do Cakes Stay Fresh?

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Cake can easily be stored for five to eight days easily. But the condition is to store in right way.

The Best Way to Store Any Cake

You can enjoy cake and eat at one go, but in case you indent to store we have amazing ideas.  With any type of online order birthday cake or hand – made cakes this strategy works: chocolate cake, layer cake, sponge cake, cheesecake, and even cupcakes.

If you have baked or got from online cake delivery and want to store then, you should always let the cake completely cool. If you cover it up while it’s hot, then you’re going to be left with steam, which will destroyer flavor and freshness. Place the cake in room temp; cover it firmly with plastics all around.

Take the cake in some kind of a sealed and dry container for the next few days at low temperatures. If the temperature is very hot or moist, the cake can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days.

But be very careful to seal it tightly so that it doesn’t absorb any odors. The cake will keep weeks to months in the fridge too. Allow sufficient time to reheat before use.

Do I Need to Refrigerate My Cake?

The response to it most of the cases is never. That very many cakes, iced and unfrosted, slice and unsliced, have been absolutely fine over several days at room temperature. Refrigeration is only needed if your storage room gets too hot for most of the day. If you’re baking cakes that won’t be eaten for more than five days, or even if the cake contains fresh berries stuffing or topping, or whipped icing cream.

Whenever you put it in the fridge, cover the cake with plastic to prevent them from absorbing any odorous from the refrigerator and to stop them from rotting. Whenever you plan to eat then unpack them to warm up until serving.

Unfrosted Cake Layers

Firmly wrap an unfrosted cake in plastic wrap; be sure to cover the upper part, each sections, and lower part of the cake. Then through the sealed sheets in a zip-top carrier bag and store those at room temp for up to 5 days. If you need to maintain a layer unfrosted longer then freeze it. Wrap the layers in cling film and then wrap others to in plastic wrap and then freeze. A wrapping a warm cake layer will result in messy condensation, so sit tight before applying plastic wrap until it’s cool.

Frosted Cakes

Frosting forms a protective layer to the cake so plastic wrap is not needed here. Cover it with a cake keeper or an overturned bowl to preserve it against dust and other airborne things. A frosted cake may be kept for three to eight days at room temperature.

A quick tip

In case your storage techniques go a bit wrong, don’t distress because you might be able to save a stale cake. Drizzling sugar syrup onto the cake is one of the easiest ways to save a stale and dry sponge. Try to ensure the syrup soaks throughout the whole sponge because this is the key to most of the moisture being locked.

You also can reuse a stale cake, as just a substitute.  You can start making a variability of French toast using the cake or you can break down in blender and blend it with whipped topping. You can spray the cake crumbs on frozen yogurt, or on Ice-cream.

So now you can enjoy your anniversary cake and flowers without thinking of getting stale.

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