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How Good Design Elements Lead To A Perfect Logo Design

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Logo Design

Design Works In Harmony!

Design is not a single entity; it is the sum of creative components that fill up the entire canvas. A design should motivate; however, it can only do so if all the elements are aligned and visually blend with each other.


Back in the days, brands survived even with a poor logo design because the industry was in a growing phase. Now things have changed, and the design sense of the audience has matured. Therefore, a modern logo design has to be perfect.


Perfection can only be guaranteed if the design elements are on point. The elements change depending on the type of logo design, but the purpose of every design theory is the same: to create a symbolic and visual identity of a brand.


Good designers think in Visuals!


The Main Elements Of A Logo Design

The only complication in design is its simplicity!


Before we drive into discussing elements of a logo design, first, let us briefly talk about the design elements.


  • Color: it is the soul of the design. The modern logo designs usually contain one or two colors. Humans are naturally drawn towards color, and depending on the culture and brand niche, colors can be effectively used to set the tone.


  • Lines: they are the elements that add perspective to a logo design. A designer can efficiently direct the attention by using them. If used correctly, lines have the capability to add a sense of rhythm to a logo design.


  • Shapes: an integral design element that can be used in multiple ways. A logo with a shape element can affect the perception; it also depends on the shape used. Organic shapes, ones found in nature, are usually used to make a brand look calm and peaceful; whereas, the geometric shapes give a more modern look to the logo.


  • Fonts: the typeface, along with color, give the brand its tone. Just by changing the fonts, you can entirely revamp the perception of the company. It is good to experiment with different fonts, but once selected, stick to it.


  • Composition: the element which can make or break your design. It might seem not that important, but the fact is that a designer that lacks a sense of composition can never give you a logo worthy of putting up on your company’s face. The composition of a logo determines its dominance, depth, balance, and harmony.


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The composition of a logo design dictates dominance.

The Qualities Of Harmonious Logo Design Elements


Now that we have discussed the elements of a logo design, let’s take a look at what qualities these elements should have to create a mind-blowing modern logo design.


Visual Hierarchy

To maintaining harmony, balance is the key; otherwise, the design will look distracting. The composition plays a vital role in creating an appeal to a logo. Visual hierarchy is arranging the elements according to their visual worth. It ensures the right element gets the spotlight.


Not every element needs to look dominant, or the design will look like a cluttered mess where every element is creating noise.


If every element is calling for attention, none will get it.


A designer needs to organize the logo in a way that the most important element of the design should appear dominant. Otherwise, you will lose the control to deliver the experience.



A logo design is not just a random art; it needs to have a message and a purpose. The elements designed need to be created, keeping the audience in mind. If your logo appears to be irrelevant to your consumers, then you will need to redesign the entire thing.


Your logos are supposed to be relevant to your customers!


For example, if designing for a children’s brand, the logo design should be colorful and fun; giving it a serious and B&W look will make it irrelevant to the category you’re after.



The online world is filled with logos, and the mind remembers only the ones that are unique. The competition is tough, and the only way to create an identity of your brand is by designing an innovative modern logo design.


Taking inspiration is good practice; however, copying is not!


A logo should set a brand apart from the competition; sadly, a generic-looking logo will not get the job done. So the best bet is to design your logo as different and unique as possible. Otherwise, your brand will get lost in the digital clutter.



Simple designs are always more effective and memorable. Negative space is as important as filling the canvas up. Overly done logo design doesn’t look professional at all and leaves the viewers confused.


Design philosophy should be simple and significant!


We live in the modern era where less is considered more. A minimal logo design looks way superior – both professionally and design-wise. You might paint the canvas with every idea you got, but remember one thing that simple design will always have more aesthetics.



A logo design is the face of a brand and goes on multiple mediums. A logo design needs to be adaptable because, at times, the medium might not be very ideal.


A good logo looks perfect when displayed on a billboard and completely rocks on your custom made company pen. Therefore, before finalizing your logo, make sure it’s versatile.


Your logo will go to places; design it well, so you don’t need to redesign it!



A logo needs to create brand recall; it is the primary purpose of a modern logo design. The first step to ensure a high recall is designing a simple logo. The more the elements, the more difficult it will be for a viewer to remember your brand.


Always create a logo that is simple and inspirational because usually, you have got seconds to hook a person’s attention span. And remember, complex logos are easily forgotten.

Wrapping It Up

There are millions of logos out there, but how many do you remember? Only a few who were able to grasp your attention. Therefore, while designing a logo, follow the same approach.


Design is as fun as roller coaster rides and as deep as philosophy. You need to be a child at heart and a serious adult during the thinking process. It’s not just the brain that goes into designing, but also the emotions of an artist are the ones who breathe life into the logo designs.


Design is the horizon where the art meets the heart!

Author Name: Tahha Ashraf

Author Bio:  Tahha Ashraf is a Digital Brand Manager at Techxide, a popular digital agency. He loves chipping in creativity and ideas that are worth execution. He loves to build brand persona and strategies that are poised to skyrocket the brand’s success. He writes and read poetry in his free time.


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