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How Far Back Should A Resume Go? A Comprehensive Guide

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As professionals, all job hunters know that there are two things that have equal participation to get the instant employment offer; experience and skill. Hence, without the availability of these, both needed and trending factors, it becomes impossible for applicants to acquire their dream employment.


On the other hand, if we review the other side of the employment process, then having a long list of skills and acquired experience can also become the reason for rejection. Yes! This looks absolutely strange, and you can have numerous questions about this selection criteria. That’s why in order to clear your mind from all thoughts, scroll down and discover, How far back a resume should go with experiences and skills here.


Easy Guide on How Far Back Should Resume Go.

A new university or college graduate can have mixed thoughts about these unfamiliar situations when having a long CV filled with experiences can get rejected for being too extensive. But senior professional individuals know that there are numerous negatives to having an extended CV of more than 10 to 15 years of experience. Therefore, in order to get to the point of how far should you go back on a resume, you must understand that a long or multipage CV is already under the red zone even before the start of the selection process.


In simple terms, nowadays, employers like to observe and review those resumes that are designed, concise, and drafted on one single page. Moreover, due to the readability factor, it has become vital to have just one paged resume. Let’s go through the expert and professional options on how far should a resume go back with experience.

Expert’s review on how far back should resume go in 2023. 

There can be many reasons for having a resume with less experience than 10 to 15 years. However, according to job search websites such as LinkedIn and Indeed, experts suggest that applicants should only include their recent work experience for instant employment. In the same way, the skills should also be regarding the current positions.


Moreover, they also advise that the shared experiences of the professional should not cross ten years. Hiring companies can have second thoughts regarding the career choice and employment application of the applicants. It means that highlighting your resume with ten years of experience tag and an exceeding list of skills can also harm your professional presence and steal the professional opportunity. In order to understand more about why and how far back should your work history go on a resume, go through some beneficial and negative aspects and make sure that you get a professional CV writing service.


Is Long Experienced Resume Beneficial for Employment? 

In today’s time, experiences talk about all the expertise professionals pursue. However, sometimes things can go should for those ones who have tons of experience to share. Therefore, in highlighting how far back should a resume go for work history and proclaimed skills, it is important to learn about the benefits of having five years of expense. Plus, it also comes as the discussion point that gaining more than ten years of experience can cause some unusual situations in getting the intended job employment.


Advantages of Five Years Experienced Resume

Growth Chances

Years of experience in the corporate business world bring some gifting advantages, such as medical allowances and growth chances. Just like switching from one workplace to another raises the demands of the employees, in the same way, with every passing year, the seniors get an increase in their salaries and rank positions in the company. Although it is also equivalent having the backup of the pursued education to get more promotions, the growth of the employees can also be compromised due to a lack of academic degrees.


Better Professional Opportunities

The opportunities are furnished for those who have proved themselves in the market of corporate business. Moreover, the IT and educational sectors also have a great level of value for senior and experienced professionals. According to some expert professionals, the proven hands in the market with demanding skills can lead individuals to their dream life. Similarly, professional opportunities follow those individuals who are using their experience with best practices.


Senior Level Rank

More experience means a higher position in the workplace. During the time of the switch, applicants always consider jumping to the top positions. That’s why it has become the social need of the employee to gain experience and switch their office, then acquire a senior place higher from the previous job position. So this means that career switches or promotions are only possible when the employees have experience of multiple years.


Disadvantages of Ten Years Experienced Resume 


Less Attention to Previous Roles 

In every job experience, there are some roles and responsibilities to handle. In the same way, the large number of skills added to the resume increases the number of previous work responsibilities. This may look cool and inspiring from the outside. But in reality, the hiring team ignores the never-ending list of roles in different organisations, and due to that reason, the highlight of the ten years of experience lacks originality in the selection process.


Doubts on Credibility 

In order to design their resumes with additional implementations, most of the applicants forget to be specific in their resumes. Hence, every employer doesn’t want to take more time on one single resume, and most companies just need those applicants who fill up the requirements. Therefore, adding a long list of skills can become the reason for ignorance. Likewise, the recruiters can have doubts about the credibility and work performance of the applicant. Plus, the fear of hiring a person with greater skills can create a situation of micromanagement in every department.


Overqualified Factors

An overqualified person means that an applicant or experienced person ranks higher than the actual offering positions. Nowadays, this issue also has become a social problem for job hunters who have to switch their current job. In the world of corporate business startups, every company wants to hire young blood and likes to keep the youth up front. Therefore, the applicants with experience of more than ten years will always have to think broadly and apply for suitable ranks with a good level of salary offer.



Acquiring experience in the professional world can be difficult for new graduates. However, the changing dynamics of the world are causing negative effects on overqualified professionals. It is true that earned skills and gained experience are the key factors to living your dream professional life. But excellency and consistency should also be implemented in the journey towards success. So, it is fine to spend years in the organisation, but in order to achieve the intended dream spot, you have to update your vision of your professional journey.


Otherwise, those who think that adding the list of experiences earned from different organizations can give them an edge must understand that there is a limit to apply for other organizations that don’t allow overloaded skills. Well, that’s all, and I am sure, that at this point you have got your answer for How far back should a resume go. But still if you have any query read our given FAQs or comment below for more.



How long should a Resume be?

A resume should not be long more than one page and should convey the top skills of the applicants.


Is a resume/CV enough for getting a job?

The straightforward and an honest answer is, NO! Because there is a lot of competition going on in almost every field, and to be prominent among others you should consider getting a professional cover letter.


How many years of experience are required to get better employment?

According to the online job searching website hiring history, one year of experience is the average requirement of hiring companies worldwide.


Can I add five years of experience to my resume?

The addition of ten years of experience is acceptable. However, the inclusion of experience should be around five years.


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