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HIringuru – Your Technical Assessment Assitant Platform

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Technical hiring is never an easy task for businesses, given the various considerations that have to be made to choose the right candidate for the task. The problem becomes even worse for non-techie businessmen who aren’t much familiar with the technicalities of the trade to conduct a professional technical assessment of candidates. This leaves them in a dire situation to make the hiring based on the soft skills of the candidates or go with some organic technical assessment which most of the time fails to incorporate any specific needs of the vacancy.

That’s where a technical recruitment platform comes to the rescue.

A technical recruitment platform brings in automated tools and features to help business owners and HR professionals get through the technical recruitment process with ease. With experts developed questionnaires and other assessment methods, the platform enables businesses to screen through a large number of potential candidates with a structured approach and thereby make the right choice for their business.

What is Hiringguru?

HiringGuru is a cloud-based technical recruitment platform that is focused on delivering high-quality and data-backed recruitment solutions for development, programming, and coding positions. The platform has quickly become one of the most widely used technical recruitment platforms for technical hiring regarding software development and other programming positions. 

What differentiates HiringGuru from other such technical recruitment platforms is its use of futuristic technology including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The platform offers various tools and features to recruiters based on which they may conduct technical assessment tests for individuals or groups of potential candidates, using a structured scientific approach.

By offering recruiters a simple and intuitive interface, the platform makes it easy not just for the recruiters to design and implement the assessment test but also enables potential candidates to get on board easily. 

To make the process of technical recruitment even better, the platform comes with a massive stocked resource for technical questions and real-world coding problems and if it fails to satisfy the need of businesses, there is always an option for customization that enables recruiters to design custom assessment tests in line with their requirement or hiring strategy.

Who is HiringGuru for?

While HiringGuru is a high-utility resource for recruiters, it’s also a great platform for candidates looking to learn new skills and trade to improve their hiring chances.

To begin with, businesses of all sizes can utilize HiringGuru as their preferred technical recruitment platform to conduct an online assessment for various positions and fields. While the platform can be used to conduct a technical assessment for cross-fields, it is most suitable for programming, coding, and development assessment.

Recruiters can either choose from the massive stocked questionnaire and coding problems offered by the platform or choose to customize assessment tests to meet any specific position requirement. The AI and ML tools used by the platform enable recruiters to ensure robust and structured assessment of all the candidates in line with their preferred hiring strategy, giving them crucial numbers they need to make the right hiring choice.

As for the candidates, the platform provides them with an unbiased and scientific assessment platform that they can trust to show their skills and expertise in the subject matter. Also, candidates may find some useful information about the modern technical recruitment process and better prepare themselves for the hiring process.

How much does HiringGuru cost?

The HiringGuru platform is free of cost for candidates, rather the platform charges the fee for conducting assessment tests from the recruiters. However, in order to accommodate the technical recruitment needs of businesses of all sizes and shapes, the platform offers various custom packages to choose from. Recruiters may choose packages that they deem suitable for the frequency of hiring in their business.

Hiring Guru Features

One of the top reasons that have resulted in meteoric success and widespread adoption of HiringGuru as the preferred technical recruitment platform amongst recruiters is the fact that it brings in various technologically advanced features and functionalities to assist businesses in making the right hiring decisions, which are backed by data and numbers.

Some of the features offered by the platform include;

–     Easy Sign-up

In today’s fast-paced world no one has the time to work their way through multiple page processes just for signing up on a different platform. Well, the same is true for businesses who are always after easy and time effective solutions. The single-step sign-in process offered by HiringGuru is just what every recruiter wants. The platform doesn’t take you through the multiple pages sign-in procedure, rather recruiters may easily get onboard by signing-up with their Google or Facebook accounts. 

–     Stocked Question Bank

For recruiters looking for reliable and quick technical assessments for hiring candidates, HiringGuru brings a massive repository of stock question banks. The stock repository comprises practical questionnaires and coding problems that can be chosen for the assessment purpose. The stock repository of HiringGuru is developed by industry experts and is structured in a way to give the fairest and accurate assessment with respect to the field and candidate’s experience. This stock question bank is also great for non-technical businessmen looking for quick hiring fixes without compromising on the expertise and skills of the candidate.

–     Custom Coding Tests

Well, if you aren’t satisfied with the stock question repository, you can always go for custom assessment tests. HiringGuru enables recruiters to create customized coding tests using automated features offered by the platform. The custom coding tests are ideal for tech-savvy businesses looking for an experienced and skilled candidate for a specific project.

–     Multiple Programming Languages Supported

As the leading technical recruitment platform for coding, programming, and development sectors, HiringGuru supports all major languages including; Python, JavaScript, C#, C++, Java, R, AI-ML, PHP, and others.

HiringGuru Pricing

HiringGuru offers 4 different recruitment packages to cater to the hiring needs of all businesses. These packages include;

–         Pay As You Go – $10 / Test Attempt

–         Starter– $240 / mo

–         Business – $500 / mo

–         On-Demand


Overall Rating

As one of the long-time users of the platform, I can safely say that HiringGuru does offer premium value for the money it charges. It’s a highly recommended platform for businesses looking to streamline their hiring process. Especially small businesses and startups with little to no hiring experience can leverage the automated, structured, and data-backed assessment process of HiringGuru to make well-informed hiring decisions.

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