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Healthy Protein Shakes for Active Kids

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For growing kids, protein is one of the most important nutrients. Protein helps the body grow, repair and maintain itself. One of the easiest sources of protein for kids is milk. But, if getting your child to drink milk is a challenge, a tasty kids milk powder can solve the issues.

A good kids protein shake gives your child a reliable source of protein. It also gives the body the advantage of many other nutrients. This makes it easier for you to give your little one a balanced and healthy diet.

How Much Protein Does Your Child Need?

When picking the best health drink in India to fulfil your child’s protein needs, understand the requirements first. Take a look at how much protein your child needs as per the age:

  • 1-3 years- 13 grams
  • 4-8 years- 19 grams
  • 9-13 years- 34 grams

The best food sources that offer the required amount of protein to your child are – fish, eggs, meat, sweet potato, milk, corn and more. However, if you are not able to include these sources in the adequate amount in your child’s diet, a kids protein shake is a good idea. 

The Role of Protein in Your Teen’s Body

A health drink like Supermilk Teen Athletes 13+ years is a great inclusion in your teenager’s diet. It fulfils the protein requirement of your child. Protein plays several important roles besides repair and reconstruction of the body muscles:

  • The best health drink for kids with a high content of protein keeps your child energized through the day. Close to 10% of the energy that the child requires comes from protein. When your teen has a diet that is rich in protein, it gives him or her extra energy reserves all day long.
  • Protein is necessary for the production of haemoglobin, which helps transport oxygen to different parts of the body.
  • It is one of the best health drinks in India that gives your teen ample protein to keep the tissues in the body protected from any damage.
  • With a drink like Supermilk Teen Athletes 13+ years, the immunity of your child also improves. Protein keeps the immune system functioning properly and also helps in the proper development of the immune system.
  • Protein is responsible for the formation of new cells in the body. You need a reliable source of protein therefore, for your child’s hair, skin and nails to be healthy. Besides that, it helps wounds heal faster. Since teenagers often fall down and scrape themselves, protein is the most important nutrient to include in their diet.
  • It is an important component of several enzymes and hormones in the body. Therefore, it helps in better metabolism, improving the overall health of your child.

Choosing a Good Protein Shake

When you are looking for a good protein shake for your child, here are some factors that you should keep in mind:

  • Make sure that the amount of protein in the drink is suitable for your child’s age. You must take into account the child’s diet as well. Consuming too much protein on a daily basis can also have harmful effects.
  • The best protein drink is one that has natural sources of sugar. Make sure you do not use the kids’ milk powder with sugar sources like sucrose, fructose syrup or corn solids.
  • Check the protein source in the shake. If your child is lactose intolerant, one that uses whey as the primary source is not recommended. On the other hand, make sure that your child is not allergic to alternate sources of protein such as soy or eggs.
  • Make sure you read the nutritional chart carefully to check for unwanted additives and preservatives. 

A kids protein shake is only a supplement to your child’s diet. It is a good idea to include it as a beverage that is scheduled into the snack time or mealtime of your child. For best results, two servings of your child’s favourite protein shake are highly recommended. However, it is only effective when you combine it with a diet containing fresh, natural foods.

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