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Health And Artificial Intelligence Go Hand In Hand Which Also Have Benefits, Challenges And Risks

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Health And Artificial Intelligence

Every solution does come with its own perks and grey areas which must be addressed

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing, and truth be told, it is something that has been around for a long time. It caught the attention of the technology geeks when it recently made waves, but the reference to it goes back to 60s and 70s. While Artificial Intelligence is a part of everything around us, everyone knows that it has made our lives easier.


When you have things that can happen instantly at the click of a button or just verbal commands, it feels good. It has served the medical fraternity too because the data-driven clinical decision support is available to medical practitioners and their relevant staff. It helps in determining the extent of the issue. The subset of AI software development focuses on identifying patterns and use algorithms and data that gives the healthcare service providers a clear insight into the current state of health-related issues.


A lot has happened since we last heard about Artificial Intelligence in the medical field, and things have grown leaps and bounds. We know that there are a host of possibilities that can happen, but as is the case with everything around us, there are a lot of pros and cons of everything. Even if we don’t take a look at the pros and cons, it is evident that everything comes with a certain amount of risk with it. No one should ever discount it because that is the first way to ensure that we tap into the possible solutions and the risks too.


Artificial Intelligence has seen a rise and evolution over the years, but one cannot discount the issues at hand, and that is something which is of utmost importance. We should always consider this along with the risks involved because all of them have their impact. No technology is ever a hundred percent correct because there is a constant need for up-gradation and evolution. It is one of the principles that govern every technological thing, and one must understand all aspects of it before making a decision.


Here are things that one must understand and follow upon:

Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence


Ease of access is one thing that everyone strives to get at every step of the way. In the modern-day and age, we try to provide and get the best solutions at all times. It can help us create an ecosystem that will be accessible to all. A small example of it is the Ada app that is accessible to people and healthcare professionals in over 140 countries. The app helps the poor get access to information that is worth their time.

Time Is Money

Needless to say that ‘time is money,’ and with the AI algorithms, the time taken to examine and diagnose a patient gets reduced by a margin. These algorithms not only save time and ease the processes mentioned above, but they also avoid a host of lab tests. Thes tests are usually expensive, and one has to shed a lot of money to get them done.

Helps Mental Health And Elderly

The reason these two points are together is that mental health issues can happen at any time, and they cause more hassles than anything else. We all know that the world over a lot of people lose their life due to suicide. If you would have heard, a recent case of an actor from B-Town in India was pronounced dead, and the reason for the same was an alleged suicide.


One must understand that everything that glitters isn’t gold, and people lose the ability to live, and either face mental health hazards or even severe issues. The same applies to the elderly too who need some assistance. Artificial Intelligence can come to their aide in such a situation.


AI can help someone in a bad state of mind come up the curve, and the automated robots or systems can help the elderly walk with some assistance. We all know that there are a lot of single or alone living people worldwide and the age varies between 18-65. These people go through a lot of troubles on a personal level which needs to be taken care of, and AI can be the help that they seek.


Data Change

Matter also changes form, and so does disease. The mismatch in data can take place due to the change in environment or circumstances. With the time change, there are chances that the disease data may also change, and that will create a disparity between the data and will also impact the outcome.

Insufficient Information

The two letters in the heading are the key because if the information is insufficient, then the overall input about it could be problematic. While one may argue that checks will help, but the fact remains that human negligence is a possible situation, and if that happens then the results will be vague.

Unsafe Exploration

Does the term sound too technical? If so, let’s try to come to terms with it and help you understand what it is. Artificial Intelligence is a technology-based system, and technology checks itself regularly or does test which may go the unsafe way, and that will be problematic at the end of the day.



The number of risks are a lot, but for this article, let’s count the fact that with the evolution and implementation of Artificial Intelligence, a lot of people will be back in the unemployment line. While this is a report from various renowned organizations that look into the risk and importance of having people on the job, one cannot deny that this risk is looming.


The risk of losing a job is the biggest because no one wants to lose a reason for them to put food on the table or make things better for themselves.


Every technology or process has its pros and cons, but let’s understand that the good, bad and the ugly of every technology impacts human behaviour. One must keep it in mind because every evolution can be a boom or boon based on our usage.

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