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He decides to see a child psychologist in Brisbane, North Brisbane, North Lake, Clangor or Redcliffe

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Being a parent – especially for the first time – is a stressful task. Every time your child has a fever or a cough, you may wonder if you should see a doctor. However, medical problems are not the only problems children face. Children can also experience emotional, behavioral and social problems that need professional attention. For this reason, some parents choose to seek the services of a child psychologist in Brisbane to help solve these immaterial problems.


It is not always easy to determine if you should find professional help with the emotional problems your child may face. It is important to realize that the problems that sometimes arise during your development – such as homework disputes or friendships – are normal and most children suffer from them. Children can also experience emotional ups and downs fueled by hormones and anxiety that can accompany new situations, demands, and expectations that arise in them. However, if periods of anxiety, anger, or depression are long and not transient, and seem to interfere with your child’s overall quality of life, it may be time to find a child psychologist in the Northern Lakes or the surrounding area.

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Among the signs your child may need professional help is that his behavior causes a disorder at home or school, and the disorders seem to interfere with your child’s development. For example, children deal with parental divorce in different ways – one child may find healthy ways to cope with the disease, while another child may show disturbing signs such as unusual poor school performance, a sudden fear of sleeping alone, or severe anxiety or anxiety.

Another situation in which a child psychologist may be needed in Calangor or Redcliffe is when the child deals with stress from external sources such as a serious medical condition. In these cases, a psychiatrist can help develop coping skills as well as work with parents on effective ways to be supportive.

Certainly, if your child shows signs of a serious problem, such as thoughts of self-harm, harming others, hearing voices that are not present, or setting fire, the child psychiatrist can work with you and your child to determine the cause of the issue and find solutions. Those who live in North Brisbane can access The Psychology Hub, a child psychologist at Redcliffe, Kallangur, and North Lakes who works with children and adults with complex psychological problems like these.

About Axis Psychology

At The Psychology Hub, we provide assessment, diagnosis and treatment for a range of psychological problems for both children and adults. We work with children suffering from anxiety, depression, learning difficulties, social problems, and much more – so contact us today to find out how we can help.

You know your child better than anyone, but there are situations in which you need professional help. If your child needs help, do not be late to call us at 1300 3666 14 so that we can start helping them get back on track.

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