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Facebook Marketing Tools : Facebook Graphics Design Tools

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Facebook Design Tools

How To Design Effective Facebook Ads?

Do you want to see more results from Facebook advertisements? It’s not a surprise that over time, more people began advertising on Facebook making it more challenging. That’s why we came up with an inventory of Facebook marketing tools.

What’s the latest from Facebook: Facebook can be said about its platform:

“You do not need to be experienced to begin advertising on Facebook. Make and manage your campaigns using easy self-service tools and then monitor the results by analyzing them in easy-to-read reports. Over two billion people utilize Facebook each month, therefore, no matter what type of people you wish to connect with, they’re there.”


Facebook Advertising Strategy. This Facebook marketing tools can assist you:

1. Run your Facebook ads in general

2. Create better ads for Facebook

3. Research more thoroughly for your advertisements

4. Access to more accurate analytics

5. Create better landing pages for your Facebook advertisements

6. Improve the flow of your conversations with messenger.

The objective is to utilize Facebook ads to its maximum ability to maximise your outcomes And these tools can help get there.


Best Facebook Ads Design Tools


Facebook Ads Manager

What does this tool do It allows you to do almost everything within Business Manager. It’s where you can view your stats, make your advertisements, optimize your ads, build custom audiences, and so on. There are many functions on offer that can benefit you immensely.

Should you utilize it? If you’re operating Facebook advertising, you’ll have to utilize this tool since it’s the place you create those Facebook ads.

Facebook Ads Manager App

What it does It lets you monitor the performance of ads, close existing ads, modify budgets and schedules for ads as well as receive push notifications. You can also design ads (although it’s preferential to do this on your desktop).

Do you need to use it? If you’re conducting Facebook advertisements, I would suggest using it in case you encounter a problem and only have your phone at hand. I suggest using the version on your computer whenever you are able to because it’s more comprehensive.



What is this tool capable of: Photoshop is one of the most effective tools that can enhance your realistic photos like landscapes, portraits and so on. If you have users using your product and wish to provide a stunning background, with elements, then Photoshop is the right tool to use. If you’d like to add 2D images, Illustrator is the tool we suggest.

Should you utilize it? We recommend you utilize Adobe Illustrators & Photoshop, but the primary pack is Photoshop to improve your photographs. If you can, buy the complete Adobe Suite and you’ll everything: Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and much more.


Final Cut Pro

What does this tool do: This tool is our favorite for creating Facebook videos for ads. It is possible to create anything you can imagine, however the program isn’t completely free and you’ll need knowledge.

Do you need to use it? Yes, for videos, we would suggest selecting between Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro as it’s difficult to create amazing videos using software that can will allow you to create a memorable Facebook advertisement.


Adobe Illustrator

What does this tool do It is our preferred tool for creating incredible graphic designs, and anything else with a focus on vectors. It is what we employ for the majority of our Facebook advertisements images. You can create almost everything you can think of in your mind with regards to images.

Many people ask what is the difference between Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Illustrator is utilized more for 2D logos, icons as well as drawing, while Photoshop is more used to create real-looking images and edit the images.

Should you consider using it? While it is a great tool available, it’s not cheap and you’ll need some experience to come up with amazing designs. If you’re willing to master, then take advantage of it because it’s one of the most effective tools that you can utilize to make high-performing Facebook ads that are innovative.



What does this tool do You can design any design you like by using fonts or your own photos as well as a range of elements like a grid, and more. It’s an excellent tool for designing Facebook ads using images and even carousel advertisements.

Can you make use of Canva? I would suggest using Canva in the event that you aren’t able to use Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop. Canva is certainly a good choice for those who don’t have any design software. However, it’s certainly not the most sophisticated one. It’s a great beginning point.


Pablo by Buffer

What is this tool capable of? It’s akin to Canva. It allows you to create simple designs by using drag-and-drop, no-coding images. The designs are more limited than Canva but.

Should you make use of this tool? I suggest using Canva as it has less features.


What does this tool do It lets you make an editorial calendar that will manage your content from blogs to posts on social media. It’s a fantastic method of ensuring that you don’t forget deadlines and keep track of your advertising creation.

Do you really need it? We truly recommend having some kind of organizational system. We utilize Trello however a tool such as CoSchedule could be a good option too.

Text Overlay Tool

What does this tool do This tool lets you examine if your design contains too much text.

Should you utilize it? We recommend using it, but Facebook will notify you whether you’ve got too many text elements in your image. Another thing to consider is that there are advertisements with excessive text perform effectively. Take all this info with a pinch of salt.



What does this tool do is: This tool offers an abundance of stunning HD images that you can make use of royalty-free. It’s likely to be the best tool available, that is provided by Squarespace.

Should you make use of it? We don’t suggest stock images to promote your business, however, you can design something that is native looking by using Unsplash & Canva for example.


Design Pickle

What does this tool do It’s not an instrument however, it functions as one. For a fixed cost, Design Pickle does all the graphic design for you. While the quality may not be as good as you can expect however, it’s an excellent beginning to ensure that your company create a visual identity that is distinctive on Facebook.

Should you utilize it? We recommend using Canva first, as it’s simple. Design Pickle could be a middle ground between Canva and allowing someone else to utilize Adobe’s creative suite. Adobe creative suite, in terms of its quality.


Get Matcha

What can this tool accomplish? Matcha (link: is a platform for marketing content designed specifically for small-sized companies. With Matcha you can immediately post content from our library of over 10,000 professionally written content directly to your website.

We have added it to our checklist of Facebook marketing tools since when the articles are published, you can utilize them in Facebook as well as Instagram advertisements to draw in new users and increase the number of email subscribers.

Do you need to use it? We’ve never used it since we write all of our content. If you’re looking to create material for your Facebook advertisements and have a small budget, this can be a great starting point, but over the long haul, we believe you’ll gain more by writing your content internally or through an agency similar to us.


Design Wizard

What can this tool accomplish? You can create stunning images and videos in a matter of minutes. This tool is ideal for social media marketing for example, Facebook images and videos.

We have added it to our collection of Facebook marketing tools since editing your photos and Facebook advertisements is really helpful. Sometimes, you’ll want to conduct an A/B test and you need to alter only one or two aspects. This is where Design Wizard can really help out.

Do you want to utilize HTML0? Yes, Design Wizard is different due to the fact that you can make videos with your design images. The capability to include text in your videos is vital as Facebook likes video content that have captions.


Drift Rock

New Facebook Dashboard Tools What does this tool do it: It is a Facebook advertising instrument is similar to Facebook ads with steroids. Here are some awesome features they have:

  • Make sure you enable Facebook Lead Ads as well as LinkedIn Lever Gen Forms, and sync leads to client CRM systems.
  • Analyze and track campaigns from offline and online to see the maximum benefit from your advertising budget.
  • Let lifecycle marketing be a part of Facebook and Google using automated audiences.
  • Create local, customized campaigns on a large scale, without the resources of an army.
  • Manage and scale Facebook Custom Audience as well as Google Customer Match campaigns on Facebook without having to alter personal information as an agency.
  • Multi-channel statistics from Facebook, Google and LinkedIn all under one roof. Contact us for more information about our API as well.

Do you need to use the tool? This is definitely an advanced tool. We don’t recommend it in the absence of an overall ad budget that is greater than 100K per month.



What does this tool do It is an extremely powerful tool which could aid in simplifying the process of doing certain facebook tasks you could perform for free, but it will be much more complex. These are a few of the features:

  • Ad scheduler: schedule ads to run at a specific date and/or time.
  • Ad and campaign rules Create rules that are based on performance. suspend your campaigns.
  • Auto-rotation of ads: This feature function of ads lets you determine what advertisement type should be displayed before Facebook will.
  • URL Builder: allows you to keep your creations and allows you to reuse it.
  • Google Analytics tagging: automated URL tagging for Google Analytics.
  • Ad and targetting templates can help users save time and make it simple to reuse it.
  • Campaign organizer: Drag and drop campaigns to folders for an organized overview.
  • Split testing: for creators and for audiences
  • Multi-product ads: Sell more items with Facebook’s new, successful advertisement format

Do you need to make use of for your website? We’ve never used Qwaya since everything they provide can be done for no cost, for teams that train. If you’re not planning to teach your team how to train them and you’re not sure, then take a look because they’re not too expensive.



What it does The tool is like Coschedule however I don’t love its style more. It allows you to plan postings on social media, manage your content, get access to statistics and make sure that your posts are promoted on social media.

Should you utilize it? The only function that’s interesting is content scheduling as it keeps you on track, however I suggest that you run your ads through the business manager and you’ll get all the information you require in the same place.



What is this tool capable of? is basically an instrument that can run all of your paid campaigns across different channels like Facebook ads. They let you precisely track your campaigns as well as launch retargeting campaigns and more.

Do you need to use it? If you want to manage the ads yourself on Facebook, we suggest that you use HTML0. Tools like this can produce positive results, but they will restrict your growth as in comparison to making it your own.


Perfect Audience

What does this tool do It handles targeting for you on Facebook, but also for mobile and online paid to advertise.

Should you utilize it? It’s a great Facebook marketing tool if aren’t sure how to conduct your Retargeting. It might be more effective than you at first however, once you’ve become adept at retargeting, it will be able to achieve much better results using manual.



Find Social Media Marketing Tools What does this tool do as it states in the advertisement the tool can help you discover content that has lots of social shares and is performing well in the present. It’s a good tool in providing you with data-based content ideas.

Do you need to use it? We believe this is an incredible tool as it lets you ensure that your content is likely to yield good outcomes. We recommend using it with a pinch of salt and trying to draw ideas from the content and not replicating it. Based on our experience, the content that is successful is original.



What does this tool do This tool provides five interesting and important features:

  • ConnectAudience: easily sync your autoresponder to Facebook(tm) Individual Audiences
  • ConnectRetarget Link to your Facebook(tm) Lead ads to your Autoresponder/CRM.
  • ConnectLeads: Run Retargeting campaigns based on the way users behave on your site
  • ConnectExplore helps you find your interest areas and eliminate the guesswork of interest-based and ad-hoc targeting.
  • ConnectAutomate: convert your Top performing Facebook(tm) posts into advertisements on Autopilot

Do you need to make use of it? We recommend this tool as part of the Facebook marketing tools list since certain of the features they provide are remarkable and aren’t available elsewhere. For instance the ConnectExplore feature lets users to identify which type of interests are most effective for you, but it’s not possible to do this on Facebook. It also lets you create customized audiences which aren’t currently available in the manager of your business.


Facebook Ad Library

What is this tool capable of? We use this tool as our favorite method of finding out what our competition is doing in the Facebook advertising department. You can add an account on Facebook that is associated with one of the competitors, and then view all the ads they’re currently running.

Should you utilize this? Yes. It’s free and offers the possibility of endless Facebook advertising concepts, so be sure you utilize it. You just need to make an outline of your most prominent competitors and then take a look at the type of advertisements they’re making to find inspiration.


Ad Espresso

What does this tool do: AdEspresso is a program that provides a variety of features related to Facebook advertisements. You can:

  • Design your own campaigns
  • Examine your campaigns
  • Improve your marketing campaigns
  • Create PDF reports
  • Synchronize your CRM
  • Create automatic page post promotion
  • Do you need to get campaign approval?
  • Onboarding request
  • Grid composer
  • Dynamic product advertisements
  • Asset manager

Should you utilize it? These tools are all accessible in the business manager. Personally, we haven’t been a fan of Ad Espresso in addition to their fantastic writing.

Analytics Tools for Facebook Marketing


Google Analytics

Google Analytics Tools for Facebook Marketing What this tool can do It gives you the greatest amount of information you can think of for your Facebook advertisements. Be sure to create your UTM tags within the Facebook ad URL, and you’ll be able to access the amount of data you’d like.

Do you need to use it? Yes, this is our most preferred analysis tool for Facebook ads, by most. They let you know what demographics are associated with your ads as well as the way that revenue is generated and more. It requires a little more knowledge to comprehend the details, but it’s well worth it.


Wicked Reports

What is this tool capable of? is: We picked this tool on the Facebook marketing tools because it lets you to track better your Facebook ads since the process of tracking Facebook advertisements can be complex. Imagine if someone clicked on your Facebook advertisement, then clicked on your Google advertisement, then clicked on your Facebook advert again, finally making a make a purchase. There would be an order through Google as well as an order from Facebook.

Do you need to utilize it? Yes, we strongly recommend using this tool but be patient until you’ve spent at the minimum of $5,000 per month on different channels such as Facebook advertising, Google ads, Linkedin ads, etc.


Facebook Analytics

What is this tool’s purpose: This tool allows you to look into your Facebook data a bit more than the ads management tool. It gives you some excellent general information and lets you create your own custom dashboard similar to it is in Google Analytics.

Should you utilize it? Yes, you should because certain of these ideas are not available elsewhere and are free.



What does this tool do: This tool allows users to create an overview of all your information and automate specific optimization tasks in Facebook’s Facebook company manager.

Do you need to use it? It’s an excellent tool if you do not like Google Analytics or Facebook Analytics however, in our view it’s pretty useless because you can make your own rules within the business manager, and have access to all the data you require to know about Facebook Analytics or Google Analytics. It might be useful in the event that you wish to collect all the data from your social media accounts all in one place however you’ll always find more accurate data from the respective platforms.



Landing Page for Facebook Marketing Tools What does this tool do: This tool allows users to build web pages, landing pages with pop-up forms and alerts.

Do you need to use It? If you know how to use a program like Elementor it’s not necessary to utilize it. If there isn’t an efficient method of creating landing pages, it’s best to pick this option from Unbounce, Instapage & Leadpages.



What does this tool do? We picked this tool to be part of the top of our Facebook marketing tools list due to the fact that it lets you create websites, landing pages and popups, and sticky bars, just like LeadPages.

Do you need to use it? At this stage it’s all about your personal preference in between LeadPages, Unbounce and Instapage for creating the landing page for your business. If you want to create the best page for landing, Elementor is the best tool we’ve found.



What can this tool do? This tool lets you to design landing pages to promote your Facebook advertisements.

Do you need to do this? It’s an important Facebook marketing tool, however you need to pick the best among Instapage, LeadPages and Unbounce. The best landing page maker for your Facebook advertisements is Elementor however, it requires more experience.


Elementor + WordPress

What can this tool accomplish? What does it do? Facebook marketing tool lets you to design any site or landing page the manner you’d like, and with any features you wish to add. If you can dream up something, you’ll be able to make it happen using Elementor.

You can design:

  • Header and footer
  • Single post
  • Post archives
  • Integrate WooCommerce
  • Search page
  • Page 404

You can access:

  • A editor (live editing, the drag-and-drop editor)
  • Design options like layout, typography, and even colours
  • Options for marketing to increase your conversions and increase social engagement
  • Pop-Ups
  • A number of integrations
  • Plus there’s and more…

Should you utilize it? While the statement above may be exaggerated, it’s real. Elementor is a more complex process that requires expertise and a better understanding of what constitutes an outstanding landing page, however the possibilities are limitless. We love this landing page for Facebook advertisements.



What can this tool offer: apart from having one of the easiest chatbot builders on Facebook available, SendPulse helps marketers to automate SMS, emails and push notifications via the internet.

Should you utilize it? Due to the multichannel nature of the platform, marketers are given the possibility of sending messages to their customers via Facebook Messenger as well as other forms of media. Here’s a quick tutorial to how to make chatbots and help you get going in the world of Messenger marketing.



What is this tool capable of?: Manychat is a Facebook messaging and SMS automation platform.

Should you utilize it? This is our favorite messenger bot because it’s simple to operate and the choices Manychat offers are fantastic. It is possible to create ads which will be automatically incorporated into a conversation using your Facebook page via messenger.



What can this tool do?: Chatfuel is a Facebook Messenger chatbot automatization tool.

Do you need to use it? We prefer Manychat because they offer a variety of features , and are very affordable However, some users prefer the features offered by Chatfuel.

Other chatbots worth looking at include Other chatbots to consider include ChatBot Builder which allows you to create a free Facebook chatbot within minutes and convert leads into customers.


Which Should You Select?

If you believe that some of the tools could help you in a situation in which you’re not an expert on your Facebook advertising strategy, try these tools. They usually offer free trials that let you check out whether they can bring you more satisfaction.

The value you gain from these tools will depend on the situation you are in and the flaws in your Facebook advertising strategy.


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