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Everything About Angular JS In Short!

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Angular JS

AngularJS is the best platform for developing (RIA) RICH Internet Applications. Developers can use the framework where they can manipulate the DOM and integrate the elements and the features that are provided by the directives. Angular JS support MVC architecture

provides a flexible and easy flow of the data from the view model to model and vice versa. If any person interacts with a page, the input is passed to the view and the model. Then the model logics are operating on it and the desired update has to make on the DOM model.

AngularJS already published as an open-source application framework. Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons have Developed In 2009. And Google is handling to maintain AngularJs. And the latest version of Angular is 1.2.21.

Angular js supports dynamic web applications in a structural framework. It allows us to use HTML as our template language and allow to extend HTML’s syntax  for clearly component of our application

Basic Features of AngularJS

There are basic features of AngularJS are as follows −

  • Rich Internet Applications (RIA). can be developed by AngularJS. It is an efficient framework
  • You can write a client-side application using javascript in an MVC way
  • Those Applications are written in AngularJS can run on any browser. automatically  JavaScript code suitable for every browser.
  • It’s open-source and free, and thousands of developers are using around the world. Apache has given licensed to angularJs version 2.0.

Overall, the AngularJS framework provides us with high performance and its easy to maintain and its framework to build large scale web applications.

8 Advance Features OF AngularJs

  1. How is User Interface with HTML

HTML stands for Hypertext markup language and when angular and HTML meat then GUI becomes more attractive HTML is a language that uses very short tags and we can understand easily.HTML gives us in the organized user interface. On the other hand, it’s hard to Re-organised the Javascript interface and hard to re-Develop. HTML provides us special attributes to the angularjs so that Controller can define easily that attributes

  • Data Binding

The framework of Angular javascript allows us to a smooth Model view control architecture. An application that is developed in the AngularJS framework. we don’t have to write code separately to perform the data binding function. I you want to add Application Data to HTML control you just have to add some snippets of code than you can easily bind data. you don’t have to write any extra code for binding HTML control.

  • MVC(Model View Controller) Framework

An angular application uses MVC architecture that stands for Model View and Controller. We can separate the application into three main parts model section, view section, and controller section as per the components of MVC architecture. presentation part, logic part and application data part is split into the Different section which allows managing of application in a very fluent manner by Using this, architecture

  • Directives of Angularjs

AngularJS view, It mixes data from model into HTML templates similar angular directives. The directive tells how data can be combined from the HTML template. We can provide extra functionality to our angular application by using directives. With the use of Angular, you can create custom directives too.

There is some list of AngularJS is below.

  • Ng-app                                               
  • Ng-controller                          
  • Ng -pattern
  • Ng-minlength
  • Ng-submit
  • ng-CSP
  • No need to choose a particular Browser

Any application that is made in an angular framework that application can run smoothly in any browser, No need to choose a specific browser. Even it will run on Internet Explorer 8.0 and smartphone having android and IOS. AngularJS support browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE8, Android. All these browsers come under “CLASS A”.

  • Minimize to write code

By using Angular you don’t need to write separate code for each section like MVC. here HTML  helps for building the user interface and it uses very simple and small tags and attributes for any element. And the Data binding concept allows moving data manually in the view freely. The app code and Directive have their separate code that’s why they both can be written simultaneously by two different teams.

  • Deep Linking
  • page can be saved by its URL without Changing its original state and allows it to bookmarks the web page.
  • Whenever the user hits any request on that page it will get displayed in the same state as before.

8.Advance feature Testing

When any application written in Javascript, Application needs to come with a set of test. And javascript team has designed it for testability in mind. And angularjs makes it very simple as possible. That’s why you can’t give an excuse for not doing it.


 it becomes the foremost well-liked JavaScript framework among .net software developers Due to AngularJS options. All this is often doable as a result of angular provides a simple and economical thanks to a developer to form a page net application. It will solve the time consumption and slow operating problems. Therefore, angular is employed in numerous applications like PayPal, Netflix, etc.

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