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Essential Tips in Dressing Up Your Child

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Image Souce: Pexels

Tips in Dressing Up Your Child

Children nowadays know more about fashion than it was many decades before. Thanks to their early exposure to gadgets such as tablets and phones, they get to have an idea about the latest trending fashion adults wear. Unlike before, kids’ clothing today has designs that are much more similar to what grownups wear. However, despite the wide variety of options you can choose from, you should always remember to dress up kids as kids. You might be curious, how is it done? Here’s a simple guide on how to dress up your little one in stylish yet still comfortable clothes no matter what the occasion is.

Choose Comfort Over Style

Sometimes, you get lucky to have both comfort and style in one outfit. However, if you can only pick one, it should always be comfort over style. Choose fabrics that are breathable to keep your little one cool as he moves around. Also, pick designs that aren’t much complicated which allows him to run, jump, climb and move around freely as he wants. Practicality is also important when choosing styles and designs. As much as possible, avoid clothes with complex design details such as ties, buttons and other details.


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Avoid Overdressing

It’s tempting to dress up your little one with all those cute and fully embellished outfits especially when you’re going to a formal event such as weddings. However, your child might only end up being fussy and uncomfortable if they are overdressed. To make things simpler, you can let your little one be underdressed for the event. In most cases, the kids usually get a pass even if they are a little underdressed for the occasion. Be sure to choose outfits that still match the theme or motif of the event so it doesn’t look off.

Dress for The Weather

Younger children are sensitive to the weather condition. When choosing an outfit, be sure to pick one that suits the current weather best. If the weather is unpredictable, you can take an extra outerwear for your little one in case the temperature drops unexpectedly. During warm sunny days, be sure to pick kids clothes with breathable and comfortable fabric such as cotton to keep them cool and comfortable.

Let Them Be Kids

While there are so many kids clothing out there that look like grownup outfits, it is still important to pick ones that suit their age. Most children love experimenting on grownup things and this includes outfit styles too. Some clothes even look to grownup to be worn by kids. Choose styles that are tasteful yet still offer that comfort and freedom every child desire.

Involve Them in Choosing

When your child is a little grown up, you can now ask for his opinion on which clothes he wants to wear. It’s surprising to see their preferred fashion type at first. If you’re in a hurry, hold up some pre-chosen outfits and let him pick which one he wants to wear as of the moment.

Dressing up your little one should be a fun experience for both of you. Keep these tips in mind to make things easier and lighter.

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