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Essential Content Marketing Trends In 2020

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Content Marketing Trends

Throughout 2019, in our Collective Nest space, we have given ourselves the task of offering you a variety of interesting topics especially those that have to do with the different content marketing strategies, always with the purpose of increasing the status of your brand at all levels, providing prestige and recognition to consumers.


We are almost entering in the year 2020 and with it come great technological changes that force us to evolve and be immersed in the different marketing trends that are going to be implemented. The thing that will help you prepare your strategies with the purpose of being at the forefront in the market.


It is for this reason that we want to show you the variety of proposals that are going to be handled as far as content marketing is concerned.


 Content Marketing Trends for 2020


The year 2020 will give you endless possibilities for your brand in terms of content. Providing a competitive vision is the primary basis of any company; it is for this reason that many marketing experts in different organizations like Cheap Essay Writing Service have made great contributions to achieve the expected growth. Here I show you some digital marketing trends for that year:


  1. Use of SEO strategies

In this digital age, where we focus on giving a different touch to content management through social networks and the Internet, the use of SEO tools allows us to obtain an automatic response to our searches. This is what is known as zero-click search and means that Google meets your information requirements from an automatic snippet.


snippet is a way this platform uses keywords to make searches easier, which gives companies a way to optimize their content and have their brand positioned in the first place.


It is something that has been handled and worked perfectly during this year 2019 and will remain in 2020.


  1. Advertising on social networks or Social ads

One of the great trends for 2020 is to move from generic advertising to a more personalized one, which is what we call content segmentation. But you may wonder, what does that mean? Segmentation refers to classifying all possible information to favor the effectiveness of the strategies.


Social networks are no longer managed as before in terms of marketing, since, over time, applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have been given the task of implementing and updating their platforms in terms of content generation, making more precise formats.


That precision will allow you to target your campaigns to your target audience, making them become closer, managing to have a wonderful bond with your customers. This will allow you to know what they prefer, how and at what time.


  1. Content creation in instant messaging APP

From 2020 WhatsApp will start the inclusion of advertising on their digital platform with great contributions in reference to marketing.Although, so far, this has been handled discreetly since Facebook Inc., as the owner of the app has not wanted to reveal details.


It is significant to emphasize that the idea will be focused on motivating users to immerse themselves in this new digital experience and in the creation of content relevant to their brand or service. As is already known, Facebook and Instagram have experience in this area.


We are curious to know how WhatsApp with such different characteristics; because its essence is private messaging, it will apply its ads without being considered intruders or that go against the individuality that this type of communications requires.


It is for this reason that the App will begin with placing its contents in the “States” or “Status”. This is a challenge because not all users frequently visit this section, which makes it more interesting to wait for the technical proposal and prepare to enter WhatsApp Marketing.


  1. CGC: the user as a content generator

The CGC can be defined as the footprint left by a consumer after his experience as a user. It is to give your opinion about your brand or product through comments or valuations made mainly by the young public who, thanks to their knowledge and creative skills and management of digital tools, create content by sharing them on their social networks.


It is not surprising that the CGC or consumer-generated content is one of the content marketing trends for this 2020 because making use of this content has become a common strategy, where the same consumer is responsible for promoting ideas by creating links.

The intention here by the brand is to make the customer feel that he is a participant in your campaigns and this really represents a challenge for your future as an entrepreneur.


  1. More and more users prefer voice searches

Over time, the increase in voice searches and the importance of adjusting SEO strategies to these types of initiatives have been observed. This was one of the trends for 2019 and on.


Purchases are already handled by simply giving a voice order, activating services or applications and, above all, sending the famous voice memos, which make the ways of doing content marketing easier and easier.


With all this, the Skills are born, which are nothing more than virtual assistants similar to what applications would be on smart devices. These provide you with an effective idea when offering your brand and always adjusting the content to the demands of your customers so that these Skills are taken into account among a large number of speakers.


The creation of specific content for this type of channel will become the trend throughout the year and in the near future. It is for the reason that you should make the most of it reach more people, avoiding being left behind in terms of innovation.


  1. 2020 digital marketing at street level or DOOH

If you want a type of marketing that is projected into the future is called DOOH (digital out of the house). It is an interesting proposal for this 2020, and it is only a strategy where brands interact with their customers through digital screens that are connected with scheduled purchases.


In addition, they allow them to adjust the contents to their needs. By using the location of its users, provided by mobile phones, it will allow digital advertising screens connected to the internet to receive real-time data from people who travel the streets, thus knowing their requirements and tastes.


  1. Inbound Marketing

This trend, also called attraction marketing, refers to making the consumer go and find the brand. That it arrives in a spontaneous way without being forced, using content that attracts the attention of the client in order to give a timely response to changes in consumer behavior.


If these types of strategies are intelligently focused, they will contribute a lot to your goal of creating links with your customers. With the publication of interesting content, you will achieve the loyalty of people with your brand, becoming an effective tool for this next year.


One of the objectives of inbound marketing is to attract customers to your company’s web pages or blogs.


  1. The use of robotics

According to different researches, the robotics activity would generate many profits for this year 2020, which is why it is considered as an innovative approach that allows changing the way of doing business of all companies worldwide.


The use of robots to automate processes will be a breakthrough in approximately 5 years.

The incorporation of robotics in the generation of content marketing will allow the simplification of large-scale procedures, disassociating yourself from your previous methods of how to offer your brand. And, it will probably displace human activities in the future.


The Content Marketing trends for this 2020 lead us to immerse ourselves in a world of possibilities to guarantee the success of your business, to keep you in the market adjusting to the constant technological changes that are presented to us.


Here I detailed the most outstanding strategies that some specialists are already handling as the way to create more efficient SEO content so that you do not fall behind.

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