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Essential Bathing Accessories for a Relaxing Shower Routine

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Essential Bathing Accessories for a Relaxing Shower Routine

After a long day at work, with all the meetings and work responsibilities, the feeling of finally stepping out of work clothes and taking a shower is indeed heavenly. Soaking the body in lukewarm water and using scented soap on the body, followed by scrubbing the body to exfoliate the skin is therapeutic. A relaxing bath has numerous benefits for personal hygiene, skin & body, and mental wellness. Following a thorough bathing regime deeply cleanses the body, and helps to wipe off all the dirt and gunk. Apart from the body, following the right bathing routine and investing in bath accessories online offers an immensely relaxed atmosphere wherein all the tension disappears and your mind comes to peace. 


You might be thinking that to experience such a relaxing and exotic bathing session; you have to splurge a lot. But it is not always true because here’s some good news for you! Times have changed and now you can enjoy the luxury of a cozy and comfortable bathing experience in your shower and that too with perfect aroma and ambiance. All you need is to have perfect product merchandise related to shower essentials ranging from body washes, lotions, and loofah and also bath brushes. Follow this blog to find out more. 


Must Haves for at-Home Bathing Routine

Scented Candles 

We all know the main reason behind using candles at home- spreading light. However, when we visualize a cozy shower routine, having scented candles by our side is very important. It does not only widespread a good smell but also denotes practicing self-care with everything calm and peaceful around. Whenever you go for a shower being tired after a long day, simply light a few candles around the bathing corner, and play some calm music. They are easily available in the market and can transform any otherwise normal setting into a dreamy experience.


Bathing Loofah 

Bathing Loofah

Bathing loofah is an essential part of the bathing routine as they are extensively designed to deeply scrub the dirt off the body and also clean the dead skin cells. There is nothing as blissful as the feeling of gentle scrubbing or a comfortable massage. There are different varieties of bathing loofahs that are made up of different materials and can be used for cleansing purposes in between showers. These bristles are meant to be washed after every use so that the leftover dirt can be cleansed from the bathing accessories. Once you have cleaned the loofah bath sponge, ensure to keep it in open to allow it to fully dry before using it again.


Pumice Stone 

A long day of attending work meetings often keeps us on our toes and it can leave our feet worn out and painful. But worry not because you can always come back home to self-pampering sessions with the help of Vega Pumice Stone. A pumice stone is an abrasive stone that is used to remove dead skin cells from the underside of the foot. Our skin usually goes through the cycle of shedding skin cells regularly which makes it important to get rid of dead and flaky skin. You can use pumice stone gently on the skin and get rid of the calluses and any outgrown dead layer of the skin. You can use lukewarm water to dampen the feet and then be very gentle while rubbing the stone on the feet. Clean the skin with plain water after the exfoliation.


Facial Foam or Soap 

Facial Foam or Soap

While bathing and using bathing tools like a bath brush or any other Face Care Accessories, you need to apply facial foam or any liquid soap to ensure that you can exfoliate the skin gently. While scrubbing body parts where your hands can’t reach properly, you can simply apply a facewash or liquid soap and then start gliding a bath scrub brush. It helps to loosen the dirt accumulated on the upper surface of the skin and then cleanses the excess oil and grease with so much ease. Clean the leftover foam after the exfoliation with plain water and wipe off the body with a clean towel.

bath scrub brush

So there you have it! Using the following basic bathing must-haves, you can feel the essence of a luxury spa-like bathing experience and relax your tired body and mind. And the best part is that you don’t even have to spend a single penny on this.

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