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Erectile Dysfunction: What are the Causes and Possible Treatments?

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Erectile dysfunction, which might even be called male impotence, is characterized by difficulty (or inability) to own an erection. The causes will be psychological (anxiety about performance, conflicts within the couple). But within the overwhelming majority of cases, it’s caused or worsened by a physical disorder (medical condition, taking medication). In general, and although it can affect men of all ages, the danger of laid low with dysfunction increases with age.

In this article, we introduce you to the most types of impotency. But also the causes which may explain your difficulty in bending. And eventually, the treatments available. Because regardless of the origin of your disorder, it’s entirely treatable.

The main styles of impotency

Generally speaking, we discuss impotence once you have repeated difficulty (or inability) to induce an erection. Or make it last for the entirety of your intimacy. Take care not to confuse it with an occasional breakdown. Before consulting a doctor, who can prescribe a treatment for your impotence, it’s also recommended to attend three months.

It is considered that 20% of men between 50 and 60 have impotence. But you may experience this sort of disorder at a younger age. Cenforce 100 and Cenforce 200 also treat Ed.

Also, be careful to not confuse a male erectile dysfunction (such as a soft erection or the fact of disbanding during the act) with ejaculation disorders such as:

Premature ejaculation: this intimacy disorder consists of ejaculating very quickly after the beginning of gender. Sometimes even before having penetrated his partner. We discuss ejaculation when this problem is constant. It’d affect about one in three men.

Delayed ejaculation or an ejaculation: conversely, a person laid low with this disorder will have difficulty ejaculating. And his reports will therefore be unusually long. This restraint may be psychic (problem letting go) or be of organic origin (diabetes or taking antidepressants, for example).

What are the most physical causes of erectile dysfunction?

There are several medical conditions or treatments which will explain why you’re affected by dysfunction. Here are the most ones.

Avascular problem

Poor blood circulation also explains why you’ve got difficulty in bandaging because your penis won’t be adequately irrigated.

If you’ve got a heart condition, artery disease, arthritis, or high force per unit area, you’ve got a virtually 40% chance of getting impotency. Ditto if you suffer from a too high grade of lousy cholesterol since it’ll clog your arteries and slow the circulation of your blood. ED is additionally considered to be an aggravating factor for future vascular disease. So consult a specialist quickly if you’re worried about stricken by erection problems.


Diabetes is additionally an aggravating consider dysfunction. Indeed between 40 and 70% of diabetics would have difficulty having an erection. And in type 1 patients, these problems would manifest even earlier. The risks are even more significant if your diabetes isn’t balanced, or if you’re elderly.

It is, therefore, advisable to urge tested as soon as possible. But also to adopt a healthy and diet to cut back the prevalence of dysfunction. It’ll indeed be quite restrictive to treat during a diabetic person. And may result in psychological complications.

Neurological causes

Certain neurological diseases also can explain your dysfunction. This can be particularly the case for:

  • Parkinson’s disease ;
  • Alzheimer’s;
  • epilepsy;
  • stroke;
  • multiple sclerosis.

Prostate surgery

Prostate cancer, which is the most typical in men, can also be linked to your erection problems. Indeed, the surgery that may be performed to get rid of cancer cells can affect the erectile nerves, resulting in impotency.

However, this can be increasingly rare because surgeons are now trained to avoid this postoperative complication. However, it will take two years for men who have undergone prostatic adenocarcinoma treatment to regain a satisfactory erection.


Surgery and radiotherapy

Another surgical treatment may additionally be involved. This is often the case as an example with bladder or rectum surgery.

Ditto for radiotherapy, a radiation treatment in your abdomen-pelvis that may cause ED in nearly 75% of cases.

Traumatic origins

Trauma may also be the reason behind the difficulty in bandaging. If you have suffered from a fractured pelvis, it can affect your bloodstream and system. and thus result in impotency.

Ditto for trauma to the medulla spinalis following an accident. Betting on the world affected, your erection may suffer. However, the risks are less if your lesion is incomplete.

Also, watch out for trauma to your perineum, especially among cyclists. Chronic compression can affect your pudendal nerve and cause you to lose your erection.

Taking medical treatment

Some treatments can have erection problem side effects—especially those against high-pressure levels, cholesterol, and heart problems. But also drugs to treat a mental disturbance like antidepressants and anxiolytics.

In this case, you ought to discuss this along with your doctor before stopping your treatment. They’ll advise you on alternatives, but you will have to weigh your health and intimacy life.

Consumption of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs

Smoking or consuming alcohol excessively can have severe consequences for your s*xuality. These two substances have a terrible effect on your blood circulation, indeed. And promote venous leakage, but also stress and a decrease in your testosterone production: the result’s dysfunction and a call in your libido.

To find a satisfying intimacy life, it’ll suffice during this case to scale back your consumption. Also, lie with preventively to stay erectile function healthily.


The risks of ED also increase with age. As you grow up, your desire for physical relationship will decrease. This is often also the case for your penis’ sensitivity, which can be more stimulated to be erect. You may even have less erection at midnight or within the morning, and your ejaculation is weaker. Your testosterone levels will drop from around 60.

Psychological causes

Your impotence also can have a psychological origin. Indeed, unrealistic expectations about your intimate performance or a protracted period of celibacy can cause stress when it comes time to act. Result? You secrete adrenaline, which can destroy your chances of getting hard. it’ll then be advisable to determine a intimate therapist who can facilitate your regain self-confidence. Sport is additionally an honest thanks to fighting stress and regain your self-esteem.

Erectile dysfunction: what are the causes and available treatments?

Conflicts within your relationship can even reduce your physical stimulation. And thus cause ED. during this case, the secret’s to speak openly along with your partner. And, if possible, to follow couples therapy. Kamagra Oral Jelly and Vidalista 20 are the most effective pills to treat ed.

How to treat it?

As we’ve already seen throughout this text, ED is way from inevitable. And there are many treatments (natural and medicinal) to seek out satisfying intimate life.

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