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10 Tips to Enjoy Your Gaming Experience to the Core

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Lately, have you been feeling that you are getting nowhere fast with your gaming experience? I went through this phase of disappointment when I started HD gaming heavily 3 months ago. The first culprit was my Internet plan, which is why I switched to one of the high-speed Cox Internet plans. But that wasn’t the end of the story. I had to make some tweaks to transform my gaming experience. Wondering what they are? Without further ado, check out how I took my gaming experience to the next level.

1: Get Yourself a Gaming Chair

Do you already have a whooping speed Internet package? Great, make sure you also have a nice and comfy gaming chair. For hard-core gamers, this is mandatory. A comfortable chair supports your back. So, your focus will be on the game, not on the backache.

2: Replace Your Graphics Card

Gaming software continuously evolves. Your PC’s current graphic card might not have the capacity to showcase the best features of the game. This means you are missing out on an excellent experience. Upgrade your graphics card immediately. Best Gaming Graphics Card 2021

Of course, you can’t buy graphic cards again and again. So, do all the due diligence and buy the latest graphic card supporting all your favorite games.

3: Get a New Keyword

A PC gamer has two controllers: mouse and keyboard. Sometimes, to maximize the performance, you need a new keyboard. When buying one, keep your gaming style in mind. Don’t order a keyboard online.

Visit the store and test multiple keyboards before settling for the one that complements your style. Watch how simply changing equipment transforms your gaming experience.

4: Invest in a New Mouse

Since you are upgrading your keyboard, why not get a new mouse, as well? All avid gamers keep a special gaming mouse. It’s customizable, it has buttons in the hardware, and it allows the gamer to change the settings of the mouse. Best Fortnite Gaming Mouse 2021

A mouse is a piece of hardware that comes a long way in improving your gameplay experience. Some gamers have built a competitive edge based on the control provided by their mouse. Look around, and you will easily find the perfect mouse to complement your gaming style.

5: Use a VPN

Ask any gamer, and they will tell you they use a VPN. Why? Because it reduces the ping time. Also, a VPN masks your identity online and keeps you secure. You can also block restricted maps and play games that are blocked in your country.

It’s best not to rely on a free VPN. Get yourself a premium VPN to unlock its features and enhance your gaming experience.

6: Team Up with a Buddy

To get to a new level in a game, sometimes, a helping hand is all you need. That’s why I have so many gaming buddies, and you should too.

Some gaming buddies also act as mentors. They offer tips, and when no one’s around, they are willing to play with you too. While playing, you can communicate via your headset. This could be the start of a friendship.

7: Listen to Gaming Podcasts

To further your gaming knowledge and learn about the new games, listen to gaming podcasts. These podcasts let you immerse in the gaming culture and explore the latest trends and tech in the industry. Since the gaming community is getting bigger, you will find some juicy content for podcasts.

8: Participate in Online Gaming Forums

You can’t call yourself a gamer if you haven’t joined online gaming forums. These communities greatly enhance the gaming community. In these communities, gamers discuss the latest games, arrange online gaming sessions together, and small talk with other gamers. Being a part of a gaming community is fun. It truly makes your gaming experience better.

9: Decorate Your Gaming Space

There’s no way you can enjoy great gaming experience in your living room. Gamers need a sanctuary where they can set the right of lighting to start the session. Some games require communicating with other players. Gaming tends to become aggressive at times. Your pitch is likely to get high while you are playing.

It’s best to have a separate gaming space where you are free to act like a gamer and enjoy the experience.

10:  Don’t Forget to Enjoy

Some gaming addicts forget why they are playing for the first time. The purpose is to have fun. Don’t let others distract you. Don’t make everything about winning and losing. Set higher goals such as to have fun, learn new gaming tricks, improve patience, and similar others.


If so far all your focus was improving your Internet speed and exploring Cox deals to find an ideal speed tier, these tips must have been an eye-opener. There is so much more to do to take your gaming experience to the next level.

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