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Easy To Use Our Network Appliance-NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam NS0-161 Exam Dumps

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To achieve commercial success with AI, you need to do rapid experiments. Although the emerging world of Machine Learning Operations (ONTAP) provides many tools for training and implementing iterative models, most of them do not improve data management. Enterprise-wide storage and management platforms are often complex and inaccessible to data scientists and data engineers working on AI projects.


To fill this gap, we developed the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP NS0-161 Braindumps. This Data Management delivers the industry-leading multi-user data management capabilities of NetApp in a simple, intuitive interface designed for data scientists and engineers. Using the familiar look of Python, the Data Management enables data scientists and engineers to save and destroy large amounts of data in seconds. Since they also provide easy access to advanced storage features that usually require the help of a storage administrator, the Data Management provides real business value by dramatically speeding up projects.


Faster and easier AI workflow

With the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam, a data scientist can almost instantly create a data volume that is an exact copy of an existing volume, even if the current size contains a terabyte or even a petabyte of data. Data scientists can quickly create copies of datasets so that they can reformat, normalize, and manipulate them while preserving the original Gold Source data set. Under the hood, these processes use highly efficient, battle-proven NetApp cloning technology, but can be performed by a data scientist with no storage experience. What used to take days or weeks (and the help of the storage manager) now takes seconds.

Data scientists can also save a space-saving read-only copy of the current data volume. Based on the popular NetApp Snapshot technology, this function can be used to generate data sets and implement group-to-model traceability. In regulated industries, traceability is a basic requirement and its implementation is very complex with most other tools. Now with the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam, it’s quick and easy.

Data science versus AI control plane Data Management


Network Appliance AI Control Plane is an all-in-one solution that combines popular open-source ONTAP tools and NetApp technology so you can quickly manage AI and experiment data. The NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam improves this solution by making data management easier. A data scientist working inside a Jupyter Notebook provided with AI Control Plane can use a NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam to implement the data management task in a single line of Python code. Likewise, a data engineer can easily run a NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam process as a step within an Apache Airflow or Kubeflow Pipelines workflow.


You can also use the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam to integrate advanced NetApp data management capabilities with other ONTAP platforms, including both custom and proprietary platforms.


Alternatively, the NetApp Certified Data Administrator, ONTAP Exam can act as a standalone, easy-to-use, and easy-to-manage solution for teams or smaller teams that do not need the overheads of a complete ONTAP platform. The Data Management is compatible with NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP® software, so teams can use cloud computing resources on-demand on AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud.

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