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The easiest and smoothest ETH Futures Trading

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ETH Futures Trading

ETH Futures Trading is the vital component of BTCC. They have availed the most effortless guidance on how to prosperously trade Ethereum Futures.  Besides they have unveiled the quick and simple stages of trading ETH futures, wherein you as an elite member of theirs can make a fast and relaxed crypto trading.

Secure steps of ETH Futures Trading via BTCC

If you are anxious to explore ETH Futures Trading then you must initially register at BTCC. It is to be noted that registering a free account in this eminent website will take seconds of your time, and you can make a startling trading with a very low deposit of only 2 USDT. Moreover, with higher deposits like 500 USDT, you will astonishingly achieve an irresistible bonus of as high as 2000 USDT.

Next you have to select the kind of ETH Futures Trading, which is categorized into a daily contract, a weekly contract, or a perpetual contract. Later, the ETH order type is to be selected. The orders include the market order wherein you have to place order at the best current price in order to buy or sell the order instantly. The limit order which is set by a trader to buy or sell at a specified price. The buy as well as sale orders will be executed at the limit price or a higher price.

The third order type of ETH Futures Trading is stop order or stop-loss order. This order is also set by the trader to buy or sell at a specified price. However, the order will be automatically executed after a certain level of pricing has been attained.

In the next step, you have to adjust the leverage level and subsequently the lot size in ETH Futures Trading that are perfectly dependent on your needs. The leverages could be as low as 10x and as high as 150x and the lots range widely from one to three thousand lots. Nevertheless, you not only can comfortably refer to BTCC’s contract values from real-time data databut also the related insurance fund. 

Now, with the usage of the varied limit orders that you have chosen earlier in ETH Futures Trading, you can reliably set the profit and stop-loos targets. Here you can execute the market orders immediately at the best possible price of the day, whilst limit and stop orders can be executed at the price within 24 hours or during seven days of the week.

And eventually you can select the direction of price wherein after setting the basic data information of yours, you can choose to either buy (open long) or sell (short) after entering the desired price. Accordingly you have to click buy or sell button and ETH Futures Trading is successfully completed. 

The eminent choice of BTCC for ETH Futures Trading  

Selecting BTCC to conduct ETH Futures Trading is very crucial since they assure an exchange for a brighter future to their valued members. Moreover, they are contactable anywhere, anytime via Additionally, they are equipped with countless cooperation agencies, community members, and social media followers.

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