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Does anxiety destroy your marriage?

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Does anxiety destroy your marriage?

Anxiety spreads in the suburbs and I see first-hand how it affects Australian marriage. She strains marriages and does not create space for fun and desire. Does anxiety destroy your marriage? Does anxiety destroy your marriage photo? His understanding and recovery will make marriage much happier.


Do I have a worry? 2 questions to ask yourself

  1. Is my reaction to the summit what is presented?
  2. Do you find it difficult to do the things you use to find it easy? For example, grocery stores, riding an elevator or being in a crowd.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, might he be concerned about the quality of your marriage?

Anxiety in and of itself is not a medical condition but a natural emotion necessary to survive when an individual finds himself in danger.

Anxiety disorder develops when this reaction becomes overrated or disproportionate to the trigger it causes.

Anxiety symptoms:

  • Restlessness and a feeling of being “on the edge”
  • Very attentive, always on standby
  • Uncontrollable feelings of anxiety
  • Increased irritation
  • Focus difficulties
  • Sleeping difficulties, such as falling or sleeping problems
  • Fixed or extreme levels

Possible causes include:

Environmental stresses, such as work difficulties, relationship problems, or family issues

Genetics, as people with family members who suffer from an anxiety disorder, are more likely to experience themselves

Medical factors, such as symptoms of a different disease, effects of the drug, stress from extensive surgery, or prolonged recovery

Brain chemistry, where psychologists define much anxiety disorders as hormonal imbalances and electrical signals in the brain.

Withdrawal from an unlawful substance, the effects of which may intensify from the influence of other possible causes

I got here because of a stressful event, I got here because of the shock. For example, at five years old, your dog died and the body was traumatized. Fight, flight, freeze response, and your body has never backed away from it. Your body does not know that this event is over. Your subconscious is to keep you safe and do a great job.

Then she goes on life and faces more stressful and traumatic events, and again, the body enters battle, flying, and responding to freezing. For some people, including myself, I’ve been on the path to survival for most of my life.

The psychological changes in your body are supposed to continue when you are in combat, flight, or freezing for a short period, only until you are in danger and whether you are fighting, escaping or freezing.

We can remain in constant excitement with limited opportunities to release accumulated tension and interact over and over in this way over and over for decades.

When you’re in combat, flying, freeze your sense of security. The subconscious does a great job of keeping you safe.

Treatment or treatment

For some of you, you may need more help from experts, especially if it is a profound childhood trauma, which afflicts some of us. Working with a therapist who uses psychotherapy is the most effective way to trigger anxiety.


Managing stress: Learning stress management can help reduce potential factors. Organize any upcoming pressures and deadlines, compile lists to make arduous tasks more manageable, and commit to taking leave from study or work.

Relaxation techniques: Simple activities can help calm the psychological and physical symptoms of anxiety. These techniques include meditation, deep breathing exercises, long baths, rest in the dark and yoga.

Exercises to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts: Make a list of negative thoughts that may be the result of cycling of anxiety and write another list next to it containing positive ideas that can be believed to replace them.

Support Network: Talk to familiar support people, such as a family member or friend. Support groups in your local area and online.

Exercise: physical exertion can improve self-image and release chemicals in the brain that raise positive feelings.

If you suffer from anxiety and you are married or in a relationship, this will affect the quality of your relationship. Does anxiety destroy your marriage? Maybe it’s time to do something about it?

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