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Do You Want to Earn money? – 5 Best Part Time Earning Methods

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5 Best Part Time Earning Methods

Do You want to make money but have no ideas for a part-time job? No problem, we will give you five suggestions for additional earnings. And because time is money, as is well known: don’t rely on a shortcut stick long, do a good job.


Proven Ways to Earn Money Online in 2020


  1. Answer online surveys at market research institute

Prominent companies pay market research institutes for market research purposes to get differentiated information about the market and their products or services. There is no denying that answering online surveys is easy and convenient to achieve.


Anyone who takes part in online surveys from home gets paid in return with money, vouchers or bonuses.


How much can you earn? Payment is made per survey: from 50 cents up to 8 euros per survey, in exceptional cases even more. The potential earnings depend on the number of surveys that a participant answers. Accordingly, it is advantageous to register with several survey institutes.

Who can do this and for what type of people is this? For everyone who wants to work from home and who enjoys giving their opinion.

Additional earnings with online surveys: Here, you will find reputable market research institutes.

  1. Earn money quickly on the go: no problem with the right apps

Streetspotr, ShopScout, Roamler or Appjobber – these are the four apps you need if you want to make money quickly with one or the other job (also called “micro-job”) in between. How does it work? Download apps, select and complete the order, collect money. Where do the jobs take place? It is often supermarkets or other retail stores such as electronics stores, drugstores, pharmacies, mobile phone shops or petrol stations. Still, there were also micro jobs to be done in McDonald’s restaurants or cinemas.


Also, anyone who travels with their cell phone and has some time on their way to work or shopping, for example, who likes to research and take pictures, will surely have fun doing micro-jobs.

How much can you earn? Every job completed is paid for this. For small, fast jobs there is “only” one euro, for most situations the earnings are between 3 and 10 euros. For extraordinary tasks, 20 euros are sometimes paid. It is particularly worthwhile if jobs can be carried out several times in different branches because then you already have practice.


  1. Earn money online as a website tester

This method is very trendy. With “crowd testing”, this term stands behind this still relatively young industry, tests the mass (i.e. the “crowd”) of websites, apps and software from your home PC and is paid for it – TestingTime is a renowned provider for crowd testing. By the way, as a crowd tester you don’t work as an employee.


Who is it for? For all internet users who enjoy surfing. Best of all, no expert knowledge is required.

How much can you earn? Payment is made per test ordered; earnings depend on the scope of the test.

  1. Open a free checking account and earn money with it

“I beg your pardon?!” maybe one or the other might think with this heading. But it’s true: for opening a free current account, you will be rewarded with cash rewards by some banks. Such welcome bonuses usually come from direct banks that do not have their branch network on site. Of course, the banks are reputable – for example, they are subsidiaries of renowned banks such as Commerzbank or HypoVereinsbank.


If you want to find out more: Our editorial team did the practical test and found that this additional income is one of the straightforward ones: how you can earn online money by typing jobs


Who can get this? For everyone who wants to get a free current account and has no problem with it if their bank does not have a branch on-site. Cash withdrawals from ATMs are free of charge if you use the ATMs of the ATM network to which the direct bank belongs.

How much can you earn? The amount of the percentage depends on the bank and the account (in our practical test it was 150 euros). In addition to the premium, some banks also offer their customers cashback (sometimes even 20 per cent) when shopping in hundreds of online shops.


  1. Become an influencer on the Internet

JellaHaase alias Chantal got to the heart of her career choice in the third part of the film series “FackJuGöhte”: she wants to become an influencer. What is a thump in the film is lived by numerous Instagramers, YouTubers or bloggers: Earn money by marketing your personality. Another easy way to earn money from application, this method is quote easy.

Above 5 earning methods are purely for the people who interested in making as a part-time.

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