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Do You Know The Importance Of a Good Business Card

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After the “logo” one of the first steps in the process of creating the corporate identity is the design of the business card. Many times a step undervalued by most, but is you aware of the impact or help to your business that a good design can have? If, for example, they gave you a wrinkled or poor quality card, would you still trust that company? Surely these questions have made you think and now you want to know what is essential in this type of cards.

Who do we want to reach?

This is the first question we must ask ourselves, since not everything goes for everyone. If, for example, we have a children’s products store, we may not make a serious black card, since we would not reach the public we want, nor would the image of the company we want to convey to our target. It is therefore the first great key to solve: knowing our audience and who we want to address, a phase that many times will require at least a minimum prior study of our environment and the competition.


We can think that being a business card there is not much to leave to the imagination but we must have a few clear notions. The first is that the ideal is to have a maximum size that is around 85 × 55 mm, that is, credit card size, since our card may end up, at least momentarily, stored in the wallet.

Working with smaller dimensions can restrict the size and quantity of the data to be reflected in the design however it is a highly recommended solution when we are looking to give a touch of distinction to the image of our company, here it plays in our favor, without a doubt, minimalism and differentiation.

What data do we include?

Many times we want to fill the data card without stopping to think that it can be counterproductive. In carbon reprographics business cards printing the fundamental thing is to capture our logo, address, telephone, email, and in any case, names and surnames if it is decided to create a different one for each member of the company. We can also include the icons of the social networks where we are, since it is currently an important way to establish contact and find out what they think of us. These would be the keys, because putting more data or putting simply will give us an image of disorganization that will not help.

Because they are important?

Cards are usually the first contact, and for better or worse we know that the first impression always counts. A positive predisposition will always help to establish a closer and more enjoyable relationship, apart from the benefits of the card as such: we have all the data in the same medium, it avoids having to look for paper and pen, or even a possible misinterpretation of the letter.

And it is that, many times you are not aware, but the card is already in itself a marketing weapon, very effective if used correctly. With it, we sell ourselves as a brand; we build trust and position ourselves in a market that is often saturated. And we say it more forcefully: in the first 90 seconds the ¾ parts of the opinion that one is going to have about a brand are formed. You will not say that with this statement it is not of vital interest to give importance to the card and the values ​​that it will reflect: card = us, we card.

After giving you these first notions, you should already be clear about the importance of always carrying several of your cards with you, because we never know when we can relate to someone who may be interested in knowing us and our work, or we may ask them missing in the future. You may not remember that fleeting meeting at that networking or event. Until you find our card.

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