September 17, 2021

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Different Types of Vegan Shoe Brand Available In the Market

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corporate environmental responsibility

We all are coming across a very common word these days that is “Vegan”. It is now becoming very popular among the people because nowadays we all have seen people talking about environmental conservation. One step that people can opt for that will lead to the conservation of the environment is becoming vegan. For the past many years and even now also, animals are being tortured for different types of products in the market. From milk to meat to their skin, everything is used for manufacturing of one of the other product that is being used in day to day activity of the person. Becoming vegan will help in one step that helps in conserving the environment.

Many companies are coming by with different vegan products even vegan shoes. It is the corporate responsibility of the many companies to bring this to the awareness of the people regarding this concept. There are different types of vegan shoe brands available in the market that are 100% made up of natural and durable material. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Veerah: Unlike other brands, this brand deals with vegan pumps that come with fancy accessories like tassels, brooches, etc. You can carry these in a part that will compliment your overall look. They offer beautiful and comfortable vegan heels.
  • Beyond skin: This is one of the stylish lines in the vegan shoes that are like everyday slippers that will look fabulous at a night-out. These are child-labor-free and sweatshop-free shoes that are eco-friendly. This is one of the favorite types of vegan shoes available in different colors.
  • Ethletic: The manufacturing of these shoes is done in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India. They ensure that favorable working conditions are given to the workers for the manufacturing of the shoes. They offer a wide range of collection from dusty-rose to slip-on casuals that will compliment your style.
  • Matt and Nat: These are everyday worn shoes that are made from synthetic leathers and recycled material like cork, plastic, and rubber. These shoes are 100% cruelty-free and can meet up the expectations of comfort that you want from your footwear. A wide range of shoe designs is available in this.
  • Bhava: These shoes are made from sustainable and organic materials. This is one of the most comfortable shoes for modern women. Even now they have come up with different varieties of shoes like flats and sandals.
  • Veja: The production of this type of footwear has a lot of positive impact on the production process. These are made from organic and natural Amazonia rubber. Many sneakers, canvas, laces, soles, etc are made under this. In the model of this footwear, cotton is used instead of leather.

So, these are some very famous cruelty-free shoe brands that are offering a great change in the purchase of people. All these brands are putting a lot of effort in maintain their corporate environmental responsibility. Even many awareness programs are being held to make people aware of the variety of vegan products available in the market.

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